Inspectapedia works..just not like I expected!

I got this e mail:

Hello dear friend
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and i don’t know who you are, My Name is Evelyn
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I do not appreciate you making fun of my personal email.
Thought we had something special Eric.

I prefer

Looks like someone came along after us and registered a similar sounding domain name. Our InspectOpedia is spelled like Encyclopedia with an “O”, not an “A.”

That’s not what they say.

Current Web Theft Hall of Shame Roastees

  • INSPECTOPEDIA.COM - this trademark violation website is created, posted, and owned by “InterNACHI” ( is a deliberate and too-near duplication of registered U.S. Trademark: INSPECTAPEDIA
  • Consumer warning: by placing an O in the name instead of an A you’ll land on INSPECTOPEDIA.COM who violates the U.S. trademark law. Notice posted 11/9/2010. Action pending.
  • Complaint: Violation of registered U.S. Trademark, and theft of web traffic, also causing confusion in the market place.
  • Violation Occurs at:
  • Screenshot of the violator, 11/9/2010
  • Response from violator: by third party negotiator, “we have no intention of releasing this name”


I found it curious as it had the link to Inspectapedia, which I am a contributor to.

I know it is some sort of scam, spam, but, I was surprised to see the link.

Does your post mean the Dan filed a complaint against NACHI?

I copied the code from their home page. Would you believe that they put our domain name no less than 6 times on just their home page? Pretty sleazy.

They can’t file a complaint against us. We registered the domain name first, which is why they are displaying the “A” in big red letters. Encyclopedia is spelled with an “O” and so is our

This from WHOIS feature of Network Solutions:


We registered Inspectopedia more than a year before they came along and registered a misspelled knock-off. Then they put our domain name all over their site to suck of our SEO. What scumbags!

I wonder what these scumbags are going to do next… register EnterNACHI? Unbelievable.

Is “Inspectopedia” trademarked?

No, we don’t need to trademark every one of our many domain names. We already own the domain.

Why these “Johnny-come-latelys” went to all the trouble of registering and trademarking a misspelled knock-off is beyond me. No one (including us) wants their misspelled domain.

I find it appalling that they hid our domain name all over their knock-off site. Our domain name is on just their home page 6 times! Here is a copy of the code from their home page that I captured today. They also hid our domain in their code on many of their other web pages. Scumbags.

Hey Eric, these scumbags just registered Magn"A"m Inspections. LOL!

Nice. Next there will be Gateway Homo Inspection!

That might be problematic as I have had several individual ask me how to spell “Magnum”!

Just so you are aware, I started this thread because of the e mail and the fact that it contained a link.
It must be, judging from the spelling and grammar, from one of my groupies in my Rock & Roll days!:mrgreen::mrgreen: