NACHI about to release an inspection industry Wiki, much like Wikipedia. Check it out

All members will have full access to add and modify articles in the Wiki.

Nice! And no fees per “file”. :smiley:

Hey guys,

We weren’t quite ready to post the link to the Wiki, so if things break over the next couple of days please just wait a little while for them to get fixed. We’re hoping that by Monday or Tuesday everything will be good to go. But feel free to play around with it in the meantime.



Will this be moderated or the information verified? I would hate to see consumers looking for information and finding something that is not correct or truthful.


We’re likely going to adopt Wikipedia format. Why re-invent the wheel.

I have added a file, but when I click to upload it brings me back to the main NACHI page. I tried to redo all the steps and I go to add the file I recieve a message the file is there, but loops back again.

Ahh, the automated moderation verification kicked in. :cool: :cool:

The nice thing about this is that if someone puts in something that’s perceived to be incorrect, then someone else can come along and correct it. That should be fun. :wink:

And visa versa.

That link was left in there by mistake - we turned off the internal Wiki uploading script. To upload an image, first edit or create a page and then click the image button. You’ll be able to upload small (less than 500 by 500) images to the page.

Tim Eaton
NACHI IT Support


When do we launch it?