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Dear NACHI Members

Do you have experience in the real estate Inspection field? Are you looking to enhance your existing income? Or are you possibly seeking a change in careers without the hassle and aggravation of re-training? Maximize your income earning potential by utilizing your existing appraiser skill set with InspectARisk!
InspectARisk, a national provider of data collection and reporting services, is now hiring professional inspectors across the United States to service our growing base of customers and enhanced product offerings. We specialize in providing top-quality information reporting services to a wide array of industries and vertical markets, which include insurance, real estate, hospitality, and the franchise and corporate sectors. NACHI members are pre-qualified and we will waive any and all activation fees.
We are seeking aggressive individuals interested in joining our network of subcontract affiliates to provide an assortment of insurance underwriting inspections, loss control and liability surveys, asset verification reports, and quality control inspections. We offer competitive compensation, bi-weekly pay periods, and state of the art technology designed to increase your performance and minimize manual paper processes traditionally associated with the profession. No state licensing, certifications, errors and omissions insurance, or association fees are required to participate.
If you are interested in joining the InspectARisk team, or are in need of additional information, please visit our website at or contact our Field Services Representative via email at
We look forward to working with you in the near future!


Tim Maloney
Vendor Manager

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Has anyone thought about this. I’d like to hear what others might have to say about it. I’m new to the InspectARisk name.

Good thing, or bad thing to possibly consider...??

Brian K Doles
Inspection Connection Home Inspections
Northeast, TN

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Hi Brian

I do not have any knowledge of this organization at this time, other than what they have on their web- site, however I have been looking at thee types of companies for some time. This proposal gives us access to an area of real estate inspecting that is growing very quickly at present as the insurance carriers are mandating more and more that inspections be done on covered properties. They normally do not require that a full inspection be done as we would normally do one, and as a result do not typically pay top dollar, but for new inspectors or those without enough regular business this may be a valuable source of work. I for one have contacted them to see what their deal is, as I am interested in building my business outside of the normal real estate led inspection industry. Watch this space icon_smile.gif


Gerry Beaumont
NACHI Education Committee
e-mail :
NACHI phone 484-429-5466

Inspection Depot Education

"Education is a journey, not a destination"

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In case you didn't know, NACHI does not accept paid advertising, but announces services if they offer NACHI members a deal. By not accepting paid ads on our site, we feel we can remain free to do and say what we think. We don't have to worry about offending our advertisers. This freedom would be hindered if we "sold out" so to speak, to paid advertisers. You won't find any banner ads on our site, but you should still investigate each offering as if they were paid ads.


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I e-mailed the folks at Inspect-a-risk. Like the old Genesis song, “no reply at all”…

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I also emailed them with no reply. I asked if the price list I downloaded for their inspections was correct because the fees listed on most wouldn’t even cover the gas to get there! Bob W

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Yeah, I’m glad I was sitting down when I read “Schedule A”, icon_eek.gif regarding the reimbursements. I did complete the application just to see what would happen next. Stil haven’t heard anything back from them after 4 days.

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I am glade I wasn't the only one that had to take a second look at the fees they are paying ![icon_eek.gif](upload://yuxgmvDDEGIQPAyP9sRnK0D0CCY.gif)

It would be nice if they would at least give you enough to pay for a lunch of fast food. I now know why they only show the fee schedule after you apply.

I did receive an e-mail back welcoming me to the company and asking for some more information. It wouldn't be bad if you knew you were going by these houses any ways, but to make a special trip you would go broke.


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Inspectarisk, Sure Why Not ! My feelings are getting the exposure doing insurance Inspections are where I started out here in Maine .It opened the doors meetting people, seeing locations such as Nursing homes , day cares ,Hospitals, schools, stores ,Homes ,and Multi-units. It only takes a short time to do them and one can does 30-50 each week.Not a bad way to get a pocket of change.

I quess what I am trying to say as HOME INSPECTORS , it’s a good start to make a safer place to live for those who dont have the means to do so.

Well Thank You all, I just had to share my thoughts on insurance inspections

Les Martin / Maine /USA

PS , I have joined Inspectarisk , sent in my app. they welcomed me , Nick was sure right , they are a good co. to deal with. , along with my Home inspection Bus. and selling realestate,I’m a busy boy .

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Brian…are you still happy with the co? I applied…after looking at prices I e-mailed them to answer my questions…haven’t heard anything yet…something I wondered about…they want you to list them as co -insured on your E&O insurance…did you do that? does it raise your insurance? Thanks Dave