Inspecting AC equipment on a roof top

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Yes, there appears to be a track loader on the roof.

Disconnect mounted on an equipment panel designed to be removed.


Why not post this over in commercial where it belongs?

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because rooftop equipment is pervasive in the southwest on single family dwellings too.

Okee Dokee I’m just a Northern boy.

Looks commercial to me anyway.:wink:

Sure, the pic is, but the spirit is the same. I would almost bet that if he had a pic of a resi rooftop equipment hazard, that would have been used instead.

Marc how do you know from the pic it is designed to be removed?
Trac loader?
Please provide better explanations.with out code speak.

I am famaliar with that particular rooftop unit. Plus, you can barely make out the 5/16" headed sheet metal screws along the bottom edge of that panel that facillitate its removal. Any panel on an HVAC piece of equipment that is designed to be removed, whether or not it will ever actually be removed in the future, is not permitted to support the disconnect.

Marc I don’t see any power source (conduit) to the disconnect did they bring it from inside the curb package into the unit cannot tell from the pic. Perhaps the install is not complete. Personally I would not have a problem with the location of the disconnect as all of the panels are removable it does not appear to block any future maint.

The units are to close together the one on the left would have to have the top removed to change out its compressor

These units have some age on them, so I very much think the install is complete. Yes, it is becoming more and more common to bring the power in from underneath, through the interior of the unit and the associated curb kit. Seldom is this accomplished in a compliant manner.

I feel the same way for the most part, but it remains a technical violation. I can’t mount one there, but you can certainly say that it presents no hazard if someone does put a disconnect there if you want to.

Good to see you back where you been missed your professional attitude even thou I do like to Razz you occasionally;-)

I agree what bothers me is when they put them on the service panel to the interior wiring or the compressor area have seen them in that location.:roll:

For the most part, the only way to bring the feeder to the unit from within the confines of the curb is when the unit has a disconnect built into it from the factory. It’s only been maybe the last 10 years that this has become a popular option.

That rooftop photo might also lack the required convenience receptacle within 50’ of the units. I’m not sure if that’s something you guys would ever consider calling out or not.

Within 25" of the equipment is where the GFCI receptacle is supposed to be located.


This was in NJ.

They both also look to be a SOB to work on being close to each other and the partial parapet wall at the right side.

If in fact the guts to them are in those particular locations.

Yes, I mistyped. 25 feet, I meant to say. I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to type 25 inches either.

OK now were on the same page. :smiley:

PS: What do you think about this picture?

I think that guy’s gonna have one heck of a headache with that big circle on his head.

Seeing also that he’s wearing a framer’s bag, I’m somewhat suspicious of his qualifications to be mussing about in that panel in the first place. Hard to say.

Thought that was the reason they made alligator clips and female receptors;-)