Inspection Agreement in Arizona

Hi Everyone - Rookie here. I am getting ready to start my HI business and am working on my inspection agreement. After studying this message board for the past month or so I am smart enough to know that I will be using the Standard Agreement provided by NACHI. I am in Arizona and we also have to follow [FONT=Verdana]the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors published by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. So I want to make sure that I have the language correct in paragraph 2 of the agreement. Can anyone recommend an attorney familiar with the Home Inspection industry that is based in the Phoenix or Mesa area? I would like to have my agreement reviewed to make sure the language is correct. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. And thanks for all of the great info and advice that this message board provides![/FONT]

So - A) maybe I posted this in the wrong area? (“Legal Advise” might have been better?) I would re-post it but I don’t want to be one of “those” people.

Or B) nobody knows any home inspector friendly attorneys in the Phoenix area.

I could just pick a random corporate attorney out of the phone book but I would prefer to work with someone who knows the HI industry. And I guess they don’t have to be in Arizona. That said, can anyone recommend an attorney familiar with home inspection to review my inspection agreement?

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You can send me an email at and I will forward you what my Insurance Company wants as an Inspection Agreement, not what an Arizona Attorney may think is acceptable.

When you get E&O Insurance, the agreement is the most important document your Insurance Company will want to see.

If you want to speak to an Attorney…contact Joe Ferry (member here).


Take whatever Dale has to say to heart. He is “the man” in AZ, and would never steer you (or anyone) wrong. I consider him to be one of the “best”.


PS… Watch out for that Brian Kelly guy! And if he ever stops by for a ‘chat’, lock-up your Guiness!!! LOL!!!

Thank you for helping me Dale! I just sent you an email.

And Jeff, thanks for the great recommendation about Dale. And the warning about Brian. But more importantly how did you know I have Guiness in my beer fridge?!

Toby, when you settle on final language for your agreement, email it to me at and I’ll have our legal Dept look at it for you.