Inspection Agreement Review/Critique

I have used this agreement for many years, I am changing company names this year and making sure everything is good to go. I plan to use ISN and have the agreement signed online.
-I had the understanding a contract had to be signed by both parties to be binding.

1)how do we get around that if it is correct?
2) Does everyone sign Mr. Inspector or the company name? (If the contract states your name they can just simply sue you and bypass the Company or am I wrong)

Thanks for any input

If you can post it (no zip files) on this thread, I can critique it for you.

You need a copy with his signature .If both parties were required to sign it there could be no online agreements correct ?

Nick is not a Lawyer but but he did stay at a Holiday in and the only Lawyer that sometimes pops up here is Joe Ferry that I can think of.

You should have a Lawyer write your contract unless using the NACHI agreement however Nick is pretty good at this stuff.

Personally I would never come to a profession forum to ask legal questions unless it was an Attorney forum and even then you would get inaccurate answers.

Just please tell me you did not do this contract yourself.

It is a word document and it will not let me load it into the forums. The only way it would load was in zip format. I can email it to you direct.

No, this contract has been around the block several times.

The online signature thing has always made me scratch my head- all clients sign a hard copy- The change to on-line signatures will be nice- still trying to figure that process out.

Nothing to figure.Nachi has one and HIP websites templates have one.They figured it for you.Great thing about using services is they do that grunt work for you.

If you are Inspector get HIP,Join NACHI,Sign up with ISN and worry about Inspection only.NACHI has a good contract right here that I use for 10 years now.To protect yourself in a big way get E and O and subscribe to the Buy Back program then use it in your marketing.Pretty simple really.

Make it a PDF.

Just copy and paste it.

Sorry for being an idiot- PDF attached. (teenage kids do serve a purpose- showing me how to save as a PDF… un-real).

Here it is:

It would be nice if you could get it down to a 1-page contract.

Also, you titled the document “agreement” but then refer to it next as a “contract.” I would pick one.

And then you went back to calling it an agreement.

And then you went back to calling it a contract.

You capitalized the first letter of Client but not inspector. I’d make them both all capitalized.

Also, throughout the document you refer to inspector more than 20 times, about 1/2 the time you capitalize the first letter, about 1/2 the time you don’t, and at least once you use the term “home inspector.” Pick one and make the entire document consistent.

What is a “Real Estate INSPECTION?” Why is INSPECTION completely capitalized? In a legal contract, you normally reserve that for a term previously defined.

Also, a “Real Estate INSPECTION” isn’t a home inspection because a home inspection includes a written report and your statement makes it clear that a written report is also included, implying that a “Real Estate INSPECTION” does not come with a report, so it can’t be a home inspection.

Why is your signature section near the top of the document before the client has even read it? Move it to the bottom like every other contract in the world.

I think you meant “objective” not “object.”

Change “is” to “are.”

Remove “under this contract” from that sentence. Not needed.

First, that isn’t necessarily the purpose of a home inspection. The client may be hiring you to help decide if he/she should purchase the home.

Also, you refer to the inspection as a “home inspection” after originally referring to it as a “Real Estate Inspection” in the beginning of the document. Then in the same sentence you refer to the home as a “building” (last word of the sentence.) Make up your mind. Is it real estate, a home, or a building?