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I was talking to one of InterNACHI’s members today, and he mentioned that the “Inspector’s Signature” section was a little confusing. We rewrote the instructions in the system, but I thought I’d post about it in case anyone else has questions like this.

The inspector’s signature is only required in certain states… it is entirely optional for any agreement. In most cases, you’ll want to leave that field blank, so that only your company is a party to the agreement.

Don’t worry - if the signature/initials boxes are left blank, it won’t show up on the end (client) agreement at all.

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If not prohibited by your state/province… you should not personally be a party to an agreement between your inspection business and the client.

Nice to know, been signing all of them. Thanks

Thanks Tim. I was wondering about that. I prefer not to sign them personally. I was actually going to write you about this. You beat me to the punch.

Thanks for all you do Tim


Thanks for the info. I have been signing mine since day one. I am curious what other veteran inspectors do/have been doing? Back in the day, it (my signature) was required for it to be a “legal and binding contract” between the interested parties.

Contract law varies from state to state and, in some jurisdictions, from judge to judge.

Prudent inspectors will get local legal advice and apply it when it comes to agreements that they are entering into with their clients.

Once again Jim that is some very prudent advice. Who would ever disagree with someone advising to contact your own attorney to seek advice for your own business decisions. Only a moron would disagree. LOL


Sign them on behalf of your inspection business. Never accept a check made out to you personally. Basically, don’t do anything that would contradict the fact that the client isn’t hiring you. The client is hiring your inspection company.

Here is some more advice on the subject:

Tim, I have a question/request. Is it possible to make the agreement system have the ability to do any basic text editing. I am referring to the ability to Bold words and maybe change text colors? nothing to nuts, just some basics?


Hi Jim!

We made the decision to keep the editing interface very simple, as seemed appropriate for legal documents. However, the system will actually allow HTML, so if you used HTML tags to change colors or bold text, that would work.


Thanks Tim…


Our attorney Mark Cohen read my posts on this thread and concurs. This morning he instructed me to update the article to include the following advice:

Here is the updated article:

Will that be integrated into the agreement system?


It already is. That is the tip that is the topic of this thread.