Inspection Agreement system

I just started using the inspection agreement system online through InterNACHI and have a question.

What does it mean after the client initials and electronically signs the agreement and when I go to check the status it says Waiting for Client Conformation? What does the client have to do to confirm? She already signed it.

Please help.


Go back to the web page and refresh it. In other words…hit the F5 key on your keyboard.

NADA!!! I don’t think it wants me to confirm. It wants the client to confirm.

Thanks for the suggestion.:smiley:

Simply resend the confirmation to your client (and apologize for the inconvenience) and see what happens.

I guess my main concern on this is that this was the second time she signed it and when I view it all her signatures are there. I don’t want to have to keep sending this to her so she thinks I’m an idiot. That is something I try to hide from people!:smiley:

You’re funny…

Email Chris. He invented the system.

I feel inadequate because everyones Green Dots are longer than mine!!!:frowning:

It’s all good now. She confirmed it this morning.

Thanks for the help on this David.

I would give you a green dot but it isn’t always size that matters!

I threw you a greenie anyways. Take care Scott.

It means they initialed and signed but neglected to check the confirmation box at the bottom of the agreement.

I had the same thing, Im had a client initial, but not click the check box at the botom. Im going to make sure to include this in my instructions

Why does the system send up-to 10 conformations to you?:shock: for the same agreement! I had that happen to me the other day. I have also hand other times when it got it sent twice to three times. I really sucks when you are getting your e-mail to your phone and it does that.

Has anyone else had this issue?


The client receives a second email, after signing the agreement, that must be confirmed to complete the process.