Inspection agreement

I’ve sent out two online agreements to two separate clients. Each of them have had issues signing the agreement.

Have others run into the same issues of late?

I’ve used the online agreement many times in the past with no issues.

I would like to hear some feedback from the association and members.

Thank you.

What were the issues?


What issues did they have? If you describe what went wrong, I’ll look into it right away. It seems to be working fine today - we haven’t received any other complaints.

You can reach me at

Just sent one out and signed with out any problems. ???

I sent myself one and it worked perfectly. Even Tim tried and couldn’t see any issues. Perhaps I just ran into two clients who have outdated software or browsers.
I’ve used the online agreement system in the past with no issues.
I’m just going to chalk it up as a hiccup and perhaps the third client will have no issues.

To be continued…

I thought by issues you meant “Not Wanting to Do It

Sometimes people do not see all the boxes they need to check I believe. I have not used it in a while but it used to have more than one spot to mark and I think some people tended or tend to just miss them.

Jarrod, I’ll tell you a secret. We don’t actually ever send any agreements to anyone. We only email the link to them. They stay here. So you can always just give them the link to the agreement (just like we do). Instructions are in tan box near the bottom of