Inspection app

Hi everyone,
I’m looking forward to becoming a licensed Home Inspector in VT. So far I’ve completed two of the course. I was wondering if anyone has experience using a home inspection app to complete their inspection. If so, I welcome any recommendations. Also which phone would to recommend using. Thanks.

I use the HomeGauge Companion app. I have liked HomeGauge the best.

Lots of discussion about this very thing. I use Home Inspector Pro, and it’s app, I use a Driodd Turbo II, just about anything works, pretty much a personal choice on software AND phones. I wouldn’t spend a bunch on a phone, use the one you got, they all work. I will say though if you are do an upgrade, take a look for a good phone with a good flash and a good zoom. I still take 2 digital cameras with me. You only get one shot at the house, what happens if you drop the phone? What happens if the battery dies (digital camera or phone), I’ve also found many of the roofs I do (Colorado/New Mexico area) are steep sloped, can’t really get up on them, but that 40X zoom digital camera will take care of that problem to a great degree.

I use reporthost. You don’t need to purchase the program. You pay per inspection. So it is low start up costs

Thanks for the replies, it greatly appreciated. I’ll look into all of these.