Best Inspection Software/app

New inspector here, I’m curious what you think is the best home inspection software, specifically I’d like to load an app on my tablet that I can take pictures with, add comments, etc then upload.

I’m sure everyone has an opinion on which is best but please consider cost also, if free thats even better but I know most of this will cost money.

Let the flood gates open…,


Our own Kenton Shepard put his together. Many will give you free full report samples to try out. Explain what you want and give many of them a try:


The last I heard, most inspectors use triplet copy carbonless paper checklists. You keep one, the buyer gets one, and one can go to the agent.


They take very clear pictures, too. :wink:


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Thank you for reminding me. I forgot to mention the Polaroid Instamatic Camera. Buyers love getting a stack of photos along with their report.


They are the perfect. Especially the convenient space that allows you to sharpie the location and defect.


And they are available in color now also.

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Lol…Stop it! Lol

OK so you’re not getting many serious answers here. In my opinion a new inspector can afford $5 per inspection. If you’re using a tablet try Tap Inspect. I believe you still get five free Inspections and the templates are extremely easy to modify to suit your states SOP. You can move sections around to suit your inspection methods. I always do my roof, siding material decks and site grading first. You can move the sections in the software to represent your workflow.

Try any and all that you can. Find one that feels good and works for you. The key is the end product. Does it convey the information you need it to, and does it help prevent you from missing anything. All of them have their goods and bads.

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There is only one. And trust me I’m correct it is home inspector Pro. With their new version they came out with. I’m astonished. I cut my inspection reporting time down by 30 minutes. And that is Extreme for me. Cuz I can whip them out quickly. Look up home inspector Pro. I promise you will not be discouraged.
And don’t try them all. Cuz your brain will be Awash.


Allows for more fishing time… :wink:


In all seriousness, this is like asking people if Ford, Chevy, or Dodge is the best. Each person has a different answer. Everyone is right and wrong with their opinions.

I went with HIP 8 or 9 years ago and could not be happier with the software and the technical support. When I was making the decision on which software to purchase, the thing that stood out to me the most is how readily available Dominic and his staff was. He was always always answering questions on the NACHI forum. It is even better now on the HIP FB page. To me, this is more important than price. As a Beta tester, I see just how much work they put into making their product better. It really is impressive.

What works for me, might not work for you. Try the free HIP trial, along with the other companies. After that, you will decide which one is the best to INVEST in. There are a lot of “free” offers targeted to home inspectors. Free does not always work out best for the customer.


Have to agree with @jspencer on this is what best suits your needs and how your starting out.

I personally went with Tap Inspect because it’s IOS based and all my devices are Apple products. Not having a clue how many inspections I would do, I chose the pay per @ $5.00. per. TI offers this and gives 5 free upon sign up. 30 reports for $125. If you get to the point that you surpass that on a per month basis, you can change your option to a monthly subscription.

Ford for sure.


I’m a big fan of Spectora. It’s a bit pricey but, in my opinion, worth the cost. Ultimately, you should try all the different apps out. Most offer 5ish free inspections so you can see which one fits your flow the best.

I started with a few but moved quickly to TAPINSPECT. It is cloud-based and as a newbe, there was a free trial period and price per inspection template used.
I have moved to a company and they use PROPERTYINSPECT, this has management control of the inspections and is more for a centralized management system

Hi! I’m a complete noob, just getting started in the Home Inspection field. Has anyone tried EZ Inspection Software? One feature I like is that it has the option to create a webpage for my business. Having run businesses before, I’ve had nightmares with web designers who had no idea what my business did. Any opinions would be welcome. How the inspection software worked. How the website came out. Anything would be helpful.
Thank you.