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How far down the road are a HI home inspections scheduled, how many home inspectors know what their schedule is two weeks from now?or is that not realistic

In my area the inspection contingency is almost always 10 business days (2 weeks). I am pretty much always booked out 2 weeks, but not many people schedule for farther out than that

Most of mine are booked 2-3 days in advance.

More than once I’ve been asked for a same day inspection. Some times I get booked a week ahead of time.

A few times I’ve been told weeks ahead of time I will be hired once the offer is made accepted, however, the the actual booking a specific time and a date is still only 2-5 days ahead of time.

I’m starting to see clients waiting for the appraisal to come in prior to booking an inspection. That will cause you to schedule inspections 3-4 days out depending if the appraisal comes in good.

what is the percentage of cancelations? is it common to have 3 scheduled in one day and end up doing none

Inspection contingency around here is 5 to 7 days. I am usually never booked more than a week out.

Percentage of cancellations decrease with a pre-signed agreement that is worded correctly.

Clients sign the agreement at the time of setting the appointment.
My agreement states that the inspection fee is due in full for any cancellation less than 24 hours from the date of the inspection.

If you are a single operator, how are you doing three inspections in one day. At three hours per inspection (with drive time) that is 9 hours, plus report writing time. I would think by the third inspection you would be burned out and miss something, unless of course they are condos, which take half the time.

‘Clients sign the agreement at the time of setting the appointment.
My agreement states that the inspection fee is due in full for any cancellation less than 24 hours from the date of the inspection’.

How does that work out for you. I have never been able to get a client to pay when they cancel. Suing them is too time consuming.

Boy I wish they would do things the correct way and have the inspoection BEFORE signing a contract.

When else in life would you agree to pay a certain amount for something BEFORE having it inspected. It is a ridiculous practice.

Jeff I do not do 3 a day I have not even done one yet except for my mock inspections, I haven’t even got a business yet(I meet my accountant next week to get things rolling). I am just trying to see how things work out from the experienced.

It works for me that I have a signed contract that they agree to not cancel the inspection with less than 24 hours notice.

I have never had to charge anyone for a last minute cancellation.

Hi Greg… My inspections are usually scheduled about 3 to five days ahead of time. It would be unusual for me to know what my schedule would be two weeks in advance.
You need to be flexible in this business. Cancellations and reschedules happen on occasion. I do my best to meet my clients needs and schedules.
The Internachi message board is a powerful resource with a great deal of information available. I read it almost every day and learn something new almost every time I read it.
If you plan to make a go of it in this business I urge you to do the same.
Filter what you read here and decide what works for you.

Thanks for the advice and information, I am trying my best to ask the right questions so I am best prepared

When buyers write up contract, they normally have a 10 day window to have their inspections. A week out is rare, I frequently schedule same day if they need it and I can do it. I do a lot for investors and they are sometimes just in town a few days. People cancel, it happens, i just hope they reschedule.

When inspection contingency periods were averaging 21 days, I was booked two weeks out on a regular basis with very few cancellations. Now that contingency periods have been reduced to an average of 10 days, I’m booked 7 days out on average and cancellations are more frequent.

I was performing 3 inspections per day for years before I brought on an additional inspector - and no, they weren’t condos. Nine, ten even twelve hour days should be expected if you intend to create a successful business.

I was kind of expecting same day inspections, I figured buyers would be too excited to wait and want the inspection as soon as possible, how do they react when you tell them they have to wait a week, do they usually look elsewhere for a sooner inspection?

What happens if the inspector has to cancel within 24 hours?

Don’t do it. You can leave the client in a real bind, not to mention it’s bad for your business.

I had to cancel three inspections when I broke my heel bone, the week before Christmas - terrible time to buy a house, let alone have your inspector cancel on you. But I followed-up with them and made sure they were taken care of. I still felt terrible and sent them all Home Depot gift cards.

I got in a bind today and had to leave work, and I was not sure how that would work out if I had an inspection scheduled so thanks for your advice

I’m booked through Monday next week right now. This morning I was only booked on Thursday. That’s how fast things can change. The life of a home inspector is that everyone needs their inspection tomorrow, and you don’t know what you’re doing a week from now. The only inspections that I book further out are new construction (and even those wiggle a bit) and some commercial stuff. It took some getting used to, but I’ve learned to just have faith that it will work itself out.


If I had to cancel I would line up another inspector and make up any cost differences.

We are required to have a signed contract with the amount prior to the inspection by our Licensing board.

I have a cancellation clause in my contract but I have never used it. Try to be flexible most of the time. Usually if they cancel its with sufficient advance notice. The only thing that might cause me to follow through would be if I was already at the home and starting or into the inspection.