Massive increase of business

Has anyone else has had a huge increase of business? I am booked up until the last week of June!!!


Nice. Denver InterNACHI guys & gals are busy but not that busy. Lots of first time home buyers (which is nice because they hire inspectors).

Don’t the buyers have a 5 day contingency in their contracts?? I never heard of anybody booking 3 weeks in advance. How many do you have booked a day??? Are you working 7 days a week???

The do diligence clause can be for any period of time. As long as it is agreeable to both parties (seller & buyer). Have a couple agents I deal with that will not write anything less than 14 days and usually push for 30.

I’m sure each state differs on time allowed.

Our business has increased, but as much as yours Josh.

That is usually only if the buyer uses the Realtors’ contract. I do some for investors who use lawyers and they will typically go for 30 days or longer. They do not let themselves get tied down to a week or 10 days to do all the necessary work to make their deal go through right. It used to be a 10 day window here and was for years than it changed to 7 days counting weekends as well.

Around here it’s normally 7 to 12 days to get a home inspection (which includes holidays), but I have seen as less as 5 days.

I am doing my 7 to 9 inspection a week at this time averaging around $425.00 a job. I don’t schedule more than 9 unless there is a job that I don’t want to turn down.

I hope it keeps up.

Beautiful Kevin!

The Philadelphia PA and Southern NJ areas are just about dead. We will wait and hope!

In Georgia due diligence period is usually 7-14 days. With that said most people do not wait til the last few days to schedule the inspection, that wouldn’t be prudent. So Typically I can only book about 6-9 days in advance.

Never heard of anyone booking 3-4 weeks in advance, especially round here.

Things are steady slow round here about 4-5 a week.

We did 15 last week and already have 5 scheduled for next week. This is up about 25% from last year. Thanks to an INACHI class I have an EIFS inspection in Norfolk, NE next week. Two days out of the office but the bottom line will be worth it. My part time guy can handle the normal inspection stuff.

Seems to me the market is REO inspections…Which is great.

May was the best month I’ve had since I’ve been in business. June has started out great too, but had a few cancellations this weekend.

For me it’s a combo of bank owned and New Construction. This week I have two bank owned and two new construction with another house that is 5 years old.

The bank owned house I did on Sunday was only 654 sq.ft. but the guy was getting it for $49,900. It was a nice small house with a newer 2 1/2 garage in a nice area. He is paying cash for it (father just died a year ago) plus getting $5,000 back for being a new home buyer. Last fall they were asking 69,900 for that house.

Must be nice not having a house payment.:cool:

Busy in NJ! 9 jobs last week, 6 this week, needed a fishing day off, and even booked 2 into the following. Alot of 1st time buyers!

Ok guys… what has been happening is that home owners are calling me to preinspect there homes. This is the most I have ever done in a short time period.


I have and maybe Linas can attest to this, here in Illinois, close to half the licensed home inspectors did not renew licenses last year. Work is steady, and I get a lot of price shoppers calling, but nothing like back in 2005 and 2006.
From what I am hearing from real estate agents, is a lot of home inspectors are doing it part time and working full time jobs. That I guess is why us who do this full time are busy.

If you are busy, raise your prices. If it is dead, like here in KC, your prices will have to come down, or advertise specials/give-aways. An inspector here in KC is at $149. I cannot do it for that. My time is worth more. Many games are being played. Some RE’s are even performing radon tests for their buyers for free. Licensing of inspectors in Kansas will be expensive. Most will not have the funds to register, get education, get new insurance, etc. It is a mess here. My business is 50% down from last year. I believe I have been black-balled by voicing my opinions on this message board about state licensing laws here in Kansas.

I just finished my fifth with one more booked this week. I have two more booked already for next. Even got a video testimonial :wink: I offer home, radon, wdo and lateral sewer inspections. I’m thinking about offering level two chimney sweep inspections as well. People love the one stop shop concept.

I would seriously read the NFPA 211 Standard before you start thinking about offering Level 2 chimney inspections. Better know what you are doing with those too and what to look for. You should also have a completely seperate contract for that as well. Same with the sewer lateral inspections.

Has been Kinda nice latelty, I got 5 booked for the rest of the week.:stuck_out_tongue: Last 30 days been great! Hope it keeps it up. Keep doin what I’m doin yea buddy!!