HURRY!!! Not a member? Join now. Dues go up on Jan 1. Exising members not affected.

Membership in InterNACHI will increase to $499.00 come January 1, 2013 so that we can keep adding to our benefits list:

The current cost of $365 will be honored for inspectors who join between now and the end of this year.

InterNACHI never raises dues on existing members and student members, so if you are an existing member or student member, your dues do not increase.

Geez, I’m glad I joined 9 years ago…$289.00 is a real bargain now

Roger that! Whew!! :wink:


Nick, hopefully this will be the impetus for all home inspectors to raise rates which are in the basement as compared to other Real estate service providers.

$289 will really be a bargain when it jumps to 1K in a couple of years. I know Nick will say it will be a bargain at that price as well, I agree. I am still going stick with $289 though :slight_smile:

Will this increase include paying for proctoring exams for State approved INachi courses?

Which in Illinois cost a whopping $80.00 per exam, that adds up quickly to meet 12-hour requirement.

This add-on proctoring fee forced many Illinois home inspectors to look elsewhere, outside of INachi, and pay education providers several hundred dollars for State required continuing education courses/hours.

Which ended up being cheaper…


Everyone I have been speaking with had to take ASHI SOP courses at Quality Education and I am sure Nick will do something about it soon guys.

Here is my address:

Nick Gromicko
1750 30th Street, Suite 301
Boulder, CO 80301

You can send me any paperwork your state wants to make YOU the state proctor and 25 other members you choose, if you like. Make every IL member a proctor if you want to. I’ll sign whatever you send me so that you don’t have to pay a local school to proctor your exams (although $80 doesn’t seem terribly exorbitant for one exam taker, unless you are giving the proctor more than one exam to proctor at a time…then it should be less per exam taker).

Anyway, I’m quite certain your state doesn’t require that you limit yourself to one, far-away proctor. I’m assuming you have to fill out some paperwork in your state to be a proctor. If there is an associated fee, I’ll reimburse you.

Looks like we have plenty of free, IL State-approved, online courses: approved through the end of 2013.

Why does your profile put you in PA but you are actually in CO?

cuz he’s :cool:

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First, $80 is an outrageous fee to charge to watch someone take a 20 minute quiz.

Second, there’s more to it then designating a proctor. You/Nachi need to have exams that are excepted by the State; 25 questions for 3 hour credits, 50 questions for 6 hours. Then file the results with the State.

What Quality Education does is very simple:

The inspector/me emails QE the name and address of a library, the name and email of the proctor (who works at the library). QE emails the proctor the URL to sign-in for the exam, a username, and a password.

Inspector schedules a time at library, signs into a computer with the proctor, takes the exam, prints the rusults-which have date, pass/fail. Proctor signs bottom of printed results, puts it in an envelope and mails it to Quality Education. QE submits the CE hours to the State.

It was Very easy, at least at my library.

The proctor/library charges Nothing for this, Zero dollars.

The fee Quality Education charges for their course, proctoring, and filing to State, is Less than the IL State Chapter of Nachi charges just for proctoring alone. These are different (new) courses, not the same one you already took and passed at Nachi, then turn around and pay someone to take a modified quiz again.