Inspection Books?

I am new to the Home inspection professional and have not yet performed an actual inspection for a client. I am waiting for my license to arrive and then I will be applying for Nachi membership. I wonder if anyone out there knows of any books that give suggestions or steps on performing inspections. Since I have not performed one for a client I would like to know how the procedure from arriving to leaving, or if anyone could be so kind as to give their suggestions. I also am looking to find a mentor that may be willing to allow me to follow him around on a few inspections to get a better insight. I appreciate any help anyone can give me.

What state are you from and you’re waiting for your license so I assume you may have gone to a school of sorts ?


Hi Mic

I am from Illinois and took my course through Allied Business School.

Not familiar with Allied. Didn’t they take you on at least 1 field inspection. Every site class I know does that.

Allied is not a site class, it is a very good distant learning course approved by the state of Illinois. I have done several Lab inspections ( on my home, and homes of my friends and relatives). I am comfortable doing them, I have a background of 15 years in construction and a bachelors degree in science from the loyola university in Illinois. Since I have not actually performed one for a client I just want to get an idea of how to approach the steps of one. For example do i do the outside first? etc., I don’t need to know the steps in inspecting a roof. I guess I am asking this question so I know how to best utilize the time spent on an inspection.

Library videos are pretty good. Practice, practice, practice. Pick a few houses and go over them several times and get a feel for how to pace yourself and to what works good for you.

Do you have a reporting format ?


Yes, I have a reporting format, and I can follow that. I just I want to be as professional as possible as I start out. Thanks for your suggestion Mic/

You don’t need to wait for your license to arrive to join NACHI.
Join now, then ask members who are out of your service area if you can do a couple ride-alongs with them.
Look at for a person to ask for referrals for ride-alongs.
What you are asking for is more than can be answered here in a written format; I’m sorry, but it seems like Allied falls short of the mark if they do not leave a graduate feeling confident to step out and inspect . . .

When you join, feel free to sign on a a user with your full name - it helps fellow members develop a rapport with you, too!

Are you in the Chicago area?

Yes, I am actually in the Oak Forest, Tinley Park Area.

Thanks Russ, I will do that.