For Sale domain name is for sale. The category defining domain name for the inspection industry. Use this ultra premium memorable name to rebrand your company or create online authority in this niche. Easy to brand and ideal for marketing. Serious inquiries only.
all serious offers will be considered.
David Fairley

thats funny right there

Asking Price $1,000,000

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!
Good luck.

Inspection of what ?

Generic term.

If URL was all that mattered every single result in Google would start with (my city)…com

#60216 Premium Domain Name


Business listed by the broker:
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Asking Price $1,000,000 Inventory N/A Year Established 1995 Employees N/A Industry Internet Category Premium Domain Name Status Premium Domain Name Website Address (URL) http://www.websiteproperties](“”)

Roy, your screen shot is too small to read.

go to… www** **…

The OP already had that link which is why I posted it was $1,000,000 .
Just thought you should know since you thought a screenshot was needed as it is not legible.

Not sure why you posted the shot ?

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only has value as it will be eventually marketed…

as a sole website…

as a marketed value to other and several businesses…

I will pay 1/4 of bitcoin. Do we have a sale?

Thats Pretty Funny. Can we be kept Informed if he sells it ?

Appears to still be available.

Wow… going to sit on that one a while.

It appears that he’s been squatting on it since 1995. It will never sell because the thinks it’s worth a million dollars. That’s the problem with most of the people who do that crap. I had several ideas for domains and most were already registered and “for sale”. Most were asking anywhere from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Ridiculous.

I’ll give you $50 for it.

The website as posted has absolutely no value…
as defined,
It would require Exponential Marketing and definition for a specific / generic need.

The Home Inspection Industry (as of 2015) no longer supports this type of investment.

Post is that is of an untimely opportunist.

Do we go in increments of .25 or a dollar.
I’ll bid $50.25, sorry Frank.
If it was put on Ebay it wouldn’t sell either.

Might if no reserve set on it. But then they might see closer to real value… which is likely a couple of hundred dollars maximum.

I don’t think the domain name is as important as properly placed SEO. And it would never be worth $200. IMHO

Years ago, I paid $50,000.00 for