It’s All About Sales And Leads:
Having a web site for your business is all about getting sales and leads.
Building a web site for your home inspection business is not about how pretty your web site is, or how much stuff you can put on the pages, and it’s not just about getting a good search engine listing.
It’s about being where your customers are. Being found when they have a home inspection on their mind.
There are many keys to having a web site that drives sales and leads:

  • Effective layout
  • Ease of use
  • Connection with your market
  • Good copywriting
  • Effective graphics
  • Clarity of your message
  • Good search engine listing etc

So you think all your customers will remember your name? I think NOT. Truth is your not that special… You’re just another step in the process that people need to go over to buy their house! Hurt your feelings? too bad suck it up. You just met me, and you probably already forgot my name. Same for your customers who don’t know you.
If you needed to point your chimney you don’t call the electrician, do you? Of course not. People buying a house first type in what they need. It’s usually what their realtor told them. “Find a GOOD INSPECTOR”!!
So they do…and guess what POPS UP? YOU at!
Hey That’s a no brainer!! Then they click and hire you!
Okay, so that’s pretty dramatic, but pretty close to the real thing too… The reality is anyone can hire any inspector, but why not give yourself an edge! is that edge!
by the way this domain is for sale! Im getting out 4 Good!


You better lay off the sauce Matt!!!

Think I know ther root of all your problems… **InspectionNews: Home Inspection Information **]( Everything A Home Inspector Needs To Know About Home Inspections. :p:mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

InspectionNews… The newshole of home inspection information. :mrgreen:

Gee if you had of Joined NACHI when you made your first post in aug 2007 you might have been able to stay In business . To bad your loss our gain.

Re: How much do you charge?
Wow I am surprised to learn how low priced some areas are…
I live in New England. Most inspectors around here are in the 300 range for an avg home… (200,000+ price range)
When I was living in Dallas TX few yrs back I was appalled at how inspectors tried to undercut each other. I got quotes for under $140. I was told it was because of competition and TREC. I was like ahh… OK…

From a simple business stand point there is a real dollar amount associated with the cost of doing business… In today’s economy 100’s even 200’s are way to low. You wouldn’t last. You work very hard obtaining knowledge, keeping proficient, and running your business. It simply doesn’t make sense to lowball each other just to get a few more inspections. Are they really benefiting you?

I like the post above from James…
"What if raising your prices to average $300 per inspection cost you a 20% reduction in volume…and, at 200 inspections, you still grossed $60,000 per year. How could you invest this time wasted on 50 free inspections per year? "

I think Inspectors in low priced areas need to regionally and collectively raise prices to be closer to industry standards. Are Gas prices 20-30% lower there too? I’m gonna common over!! MJ :smile:

If it’s such a great domain, why are you getting out?

He is just spamming the forum, trying to sell this domain.

I have the other matching domain.

Not hosted yet, but bought it several months ago.

I always thought most of them were looking for the BEST inspector???

I wonder if Fast-N-CheapInspections or is available, that looks like the future of home inspections here in Florida now that licensing is a reality. :mrgreen:

>>>I wonder if Fast-N-CheapInspections or is available…>>>

As a matter of fact - The Are! :wink: :mrgreen: :shock:

I foolishly sold in 2003 for (only) $1,500 after someone contacted me asking about it - I should have kept it, or held out for more…

Al (already own too many domain names) in TN

Your an idioT!

How the heck is it spam to tell someone a site is for sale? especialy if it’s a Home inspector site in a Home inspector Forum…