sTARTING BID AT $1000.00

Domain Appraisal… $0 USD




damn caps.

Maybe I’ll take typing lessons when I sell it :slight_smile:

Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Good luck with that!:roll:

Also for sale: www.DAMCAPS.COM
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That would be better typing site than mavisbeacon.com :slight_smile: I think you are on to something.

Mike, you own a website that you have never developed. why would anyone in their minds pay that kind of money for the site. It is untested. It’s value is $0 Good luck.

$5 If you cover the transfer fee.

Someone who wants the name westonhomeinspector.com.

It is a very high end area. I never wanted to do many inspections out there but I may set it up and sub them out. It is the best name for a person who wants to do work there. Just ask Dom :slight_smile:

Something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Right now its worth to me is whatever I pay to renew which is not much. I’ll keep it till I can get something I want out of it :slight_smile:

Seems to me the competition has rendered that Domain name all but useless. It would take a lot of work and time to make room on page one Google. You blew it by sitting on it. You should have at least made a basic page to at least gain some "age’. Too little, too late!

Well it is available to anyone who wants it or I will just set it up as a referral page and collect funds that way. No matter to me as I will hopefully not be doing any inspections out there. Maybe some walk and talks in my free time.

Hey the guy just wants to sell his domain.
Why does it come with a peanut gallery of nasty comments ?

Ditto what Bob just said.

Because, there is a very long and inglorious back story…

Yeah whats that?

Good word.

Yeah I’ve helped a great many who have called and emailed and asked and never said no to anyone who asked anything of me.

I’ve offered to help folks make money on services they could not provide before they were given the right and I always offered mutually beneficial options. What a jerk :roll:

But wait I am not a sheep and I do have opinions that greatly differ from many of the sheep around here so I guess I am just a real bad guy. Oh yeah and I think that the C.O.E. sucks because it holds folks back from doing what they are legally allowed to do. Don’t forget that one.

Ya’ll have fun.

You are not a bad guy, and I never said you were. It would be my opinion, that a majority of the advise you have posted, is wrong, and should be avoided at all cost. Unless, the people taking that advise would like the same results you have obtained.

It takes a special kind of individual with special skills to succeed in any business, especially one like home inspecting. Full of liability with little reward.

What results have I obtained?

I dislike the biz I have not failed or run out of work. Quite the contrary. I do not want to spend another summer doing stuff I hate.

YOur assumptions are completely off base.

i DISLIKE MANY OF THE CLIENTS, REALTORS AND FOLKS i COME ACROSS IN THE BIZ. I dislike my caps button that does not light up. I dislike the extreme heat and the asinine rules that are in place regarding insurance inspections that are in place because many doing them agreed with and kissed the a s s es of the insurance companies and agents. Any other questions or anything else you would like clarification on just let me know. I have stopped advertising and still get calls every day. I pass the work on to those I like and know will do a good job.

Another reason I am getting out of this biz. I do not find it rewarding and I do not enjoy it. I am at a stage of my life when I am going to do things that I enjoy or give me satisfaction or great financial rewards.

LIFE IS SHORT I am not going to waste it doing things that make me angry.

I have also learned from my injury that I need something more secure for my families well being. It would be a fine career for a retiree who enjoys it or a young guy who likes doing the work and wants to eventually go multi inspector but it is not a good career choice for me at this stage of my life.