Inspection Depot Report Upload

I did not want this to get burried in the other post, so here it is…

I have Beat Tested the Report Upload program ( that Inspection Depot has and I can without reservation or remuneration from Inspection Depot or NACHI say that this system works as good and even better than I had earlier percieved.

If you have your own report, as do I, and you want to be able to track those that are seeing the report while giving your clients the security they deserve regarding the report, try this program.

As far as cost is concerned…you need to determine if when they start charging, the price is acceptable to you. But you will never know the value until you try it first…for free!

You owe it to yourself and your clients to try this…I am glad I did!

I believe this service is free to all NACHI members. Reportupload

You get what you pay for!

I have tried both, has got a “wow” factor . I have used it 3 times and actually had an out of state buyer compliment me when I asked her if she received the report.

I use a couple of Inspection Depot’s products and this is just another high quality product … and the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FRIENDLY and professional.

Thank you Harvey and Shawn,

Yes it is more than a report upload system. We have broken down the tasks associated with report delivery and client feedback and automated them.

We built it for both multi inspectors and single operators. It automates the agreement, report delivery, customer service feed back, inspector questions, company download reporting. You can even upload three reports and name three reports at once. Extending the validation date of reports is also automated to save you having to re-upload reports last minute.

Field inspectors have a log in, realtors have a log in, customers have a log in, and the inspection company logs in.

Our strength is without question automation. Every function in our office is automated. When something new comes up, we automate first and then implement.

In order to remain competitive in a predominately single operator market we have to be automated and we have to keep our administrative cost contained. If we can secure guaranteed inspections via online scheduling from our top realtors, our office staff can then focus on converting the harder sells. Not there totally on this one but are well on our way.

The internet is changing the way we do business guys! Everyone will have to get on and keep up or fall off!


Nice of you to discover the Internet Catherine and database management software. Keep us posted on any other interesting things you find.:wink:



I think you might be mixing me up with Al Gore!!!



How and or why did you send an email 1/2 the world with everyone email address on it??

Also please explain the cost factor


Hasn’t Catherine been beat up enough about the e-mail last week…jeez, it’s just not that big a deal, let’s move on shall we???

Must be 100 people in the world :smiley:


I 100% agree that no damage was done.

BUT how do you feel about a company that makes people mistakes like this - that have access to your clients through your reports that you upload - the realtors that you do business with and who are your competitors?

Many of the companies that I do business with agree to not sell or give away any of my data.

I also do not give away or sell any of my client information

I do not look this as a Catherine error – it was a company error and an error of supervision

Yes, all can be forgiven and everyone can have a greater confidence that client businesses information will not be used by Inspection Depot to enhance their inspection division or economically hurt companies that use their services

As a matter of good business they need the $$ from good HI clients as well as inspection clients and they would not want to hurt either source of $$

I do ask – Would they let you have access to some of the client reports etc that they have in their inspection data base?? Their word on this issue is good enough for me

How about every one else in their market area??

Remember I am not on anyone’s case - just trying to say that a perception of a conflict of interest exists as well as a lack of policies and procedures to protect client information

How would you feel about your shrink sending a group Xmas greetings message out to all of his clients with your name at the top?

Mike – sorry your company is in the spot light but perhaps this will be a good time for you to make lemonade out of lemons


Although I think you are directing this to Michael Boyett, I agree with him and you both. My name was on the list as well as 49 other people. I see no harm as these are my fellow inspectors (as far as I could see), you guys can email me all you want :slight_smile: .

As far as I.D. and Michael’s other company (yes, my competitor in a sense)sending literature and emails to my database, geeze, I certainly hope that is not the case. Michael assured me that was not going to happen and will I trust him unless he proves me otherwise.

I understand your concerns and feel they are valid. Maybe Michael can add to this and discuss some of these concerns.


I agree a person’s word is good for me until broken


No, he was directing those comments to Michael Rowan.


I am trying to get ready for a presentation tomorrow but this truly this needs a response.

Firstly, we had a new person in the office that got the job of emailing the registered companies last week to update everyone on the report upload technology. Unfortunately we have since found out that it did not go out the way it should of and I apologize.

Secondly, I know there is another tread somewhere, where I confirmed our position as far as your data on our systems. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOUR DATA NOR ARE WE PLANNING ON USING YOUR DATA. I have no access to any of your data nor would I have a clue how to get to it. We have no reporting functions in the back end either for this reason.

Your inspection company information is all that is of use to Inspection Depot. We use this like any other company serving the home inspection industry. For sales and marketing purposes. That is it. This is on the user agreement that is part of the system.

Our upload technology uses pdf and word documents, not raw data. Other report upload systems uploads raw inspection data which should be more concerning. What are their policies, I bet it is the same as ours.

Would it make people more comfortable to see a statement on our software about protection of your data?

As far as competition, again anyone can walk into my office and purchase any of our systems, from marketing, web sites, online technology, reporting, recruitment systems, sales scripts, standard operating and procedures manuals, legal documents, employee manuals, tracking technology for realtors, actual letters used for marketing, claims, hiring policies and a million other things.

The funny thing is that none of my competitors, apart from those that use our report systems, ever purchase any of this information. I absolutely amazes me, because if I could get my hands on my competitors information like this, I would, without question, if it was legal. If of the franchises made their information available we would all like to take a look, but they don’t.

One of my friends, also my competitor, and a multi inspector in my market, uses our reporting system. He gets mentioned and listed on every inspection presentation we give, gets any system he needs and we talk on a very regular basis. I have nothing to hide. It is the same for Shawn’s company, if we cannot get to an inspection he is next on the referral list in our office as he uses our systems in St Augustine.

Finally, from an ethical and business prospective, inappropriate use of such information would be the ruination of our company. Trust is an earned commodity, and we are well aware of this. Trust to me is extremely important. Our company, will never get involved in any event that is not legal, honest and upfront.

I hope this now clarifies ours companies and my position. IF any one would like to email me personally please do so at



That’s two different stories I believe. I think Catherine sent out an email that she was the one who sent out the email and it was her mistake.

Michael:Firstly, we had a new person in the office that got the job of emailing the registered companies last week to update everyone on the report upload technology. Unfortunately we have since found out that it did not go out the way it should of and I apologize.

Yes Wendy,

You are right in a sense. However, she was delegated by me to send the email with my name since I am the director of the project. It was ultimately my responsibility and fault. Therefore, I felt it appropriate to send an additional email to everyone on the list apologizing.

I think this entire subject has been exhausted on the board. Once again, I apologize to all involved and can assure you it won’t happen again.

Let’s move on. How about those Gators?!


Catherine, put on a hat & let all the crap roll off.

I have interacted enough with you and Michael, personally, to recognize and value your integrity.

I take ID at their word that they are competitors and good people and have internal safeguards to best serve us - their clients

At this time I see no products or services that they have that I need

Also remember their position on the subject of government regulation of our profession

Mike the ball is in your court