Inspection Flashcard #2

T/F: When you have an underground gas pipe installed below grade, passing through the exterior foundation or basement wall of a house, that pipe needs to be encased in a protective pipe sleeve.

True or False.




So what did we Win lol. I hoping for a new truck.

Depends how lucky you feel. :wink:


TRUE although no necessarily hazardous if it is not. Most likely they are put in during construction just to save a plumber from having to drill the concrete. In rare ocasions, concrete can shift enough to crack a pipe i suppose. More likely to win the lottery twice in consecutive weeks while getting struck by lightning. just sayin…

Is it too late to join in and say Yes/True? :wink:

Al in TN

True, any pipe.

Is the concrete wet or dry when you pass it through?

TRUE! :mrgreen:

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