gas line in concrete

Can flex gas lines be installed in concrete this way? I don’t see how concrete would damage the line but is a protective sleeve needed for this application?


  1. Buried or Embedded: CSST shall not be buried directly in the ground or directly
    embedded in concrete
    (i.e.: patio slabs, foundations and walkways)

When it is necessary to bury or embed CSST, the tubing shall be routed inside a non-metallic,
watertight conduit that has an inside diameter at least 1/2 inch greater than the O.D.
of the CSST Tubing For ends of conduit installed outdoors, the conduit shall be
sealed at any exposed end to prevent water form entering. No mechanical joint
fittings are permitted within the conduit. Note: CSST must be buried in accordance with all
local building codes.

CSST Installation Guide

Thank you!

Furthermore, in most jurisdictions, gas lines are not allowed to travel beneath the slab of the residence (sidewalks, patios, etc, are ok, but not under the garage or living spaces) unless installed in a gas-tight conduit, sealed at each end.

This inspection was on a second story condominium unit so I don’t know what was below the floor level. But I could not see any conduit extending out of the floor.