Inspection Flashcard #3

The flexible cord for a waste disposal in the kitchen should be at least _____ inches and no more than _____ inches in length.

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18 and 24

422.16 (B) Specific Appliances.
(1) Electrically Operated Kitchen Waste Disposers. Electrically operated kitchen waste disposers shall be permitted to be cord-and-plug connected with a flexible cord identified as suitable for the purpose in the installation instructions of the appliance manufacturer, where all of the following conditions are met.
(1) The flexible cord shall be terminated with a grounding-type attachment plug.
Exception: A listed kitchen waste disposer distinctly marked to identify it as protected by a system of double insulation, or its equivalent, shall not be required to be terminated with a grounding-type attachment plug.
(2) The length of the cord shall not be less than 450 mm (18 in.) and not over 900 mm (36 in.).
(3) Receptacles shall be located to avoid physical damage to the flexible cord.
(4) The receptacle shall be accessible.

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GFCI protected receptical?

18 inches
36 inches
(irc table E4001.3)

inspection flashcard #4

Code - 18" / 36"