Inspection flowchart

I was thinking of using this flowchart. What do you think?

I don’t see how.

What purpose… on website?

To better explain the process to customers?


Too complicated.

Try putting in defect photos and certified seals instead, sell yourself more. Just a thought.

Maybe a powerpoint based on images rather than words?

That is their Realtor’s job.


I like to have both images and words as some are sold on one or the other or both plus they compliment each other as well.

Does their realtor do this? In this detail? Mine did not!
Should I not be managing my clients expectations?
Does the realtor really want the buyer or seller to get a home inspection?

Not your job. Your job stops at supplying your client with a complete, un-biased home inspection. Don’t get involved in any part of the buying / selling process.

I like it.
Helps explain purpose of the inspection.

I personally live flow charts but I see no real value on this one. I mean the whole purchase process is much more complicated than just our piece of it. I mean their are many reasons why desks take turns for the worse. Appraisals, mortgages, missed deadlines, etc. the inspection is just one piece of the total puzzle.

So you are done with them after the report?

I like flowcharts as well. I use them for trying to organize and prioritize. While the entire transaction flowchart could be expanded infinitum, I was hoping to offer a simple upfront visual to help homeowners see the value of my services. Does that make sense?

Other than follow up emails or when they call for help, suggestions, questions, or ideas, yes. When you have thousands of past clients, you could spend all your time serving them with no time for new ones. There is a line of what we do. On one side is the inspection. On the other is everything else regarding the purchase and sale of the property. I don’t cross into the purview of the real estate agent, escrow company, title company, mortgage company or appraiser (although some of them should be buried alive along with most loan underwriters).

Some sort of timeline would be nice to show the advantage of having the inspection as soon as possible so they will have time to address any issues noted in the report, get contractors out for estimates and negotiate.

I think it’s a good idea, why not?

I work with flow charts and swim lanes all the time. But I think if you are doing it, you gotta it the right way. The one you have is pretty basic. Use visio and try including different streams to identify roles and responsibilities as well. e.g. buyer, agent, home inspector, financial institution, seller, lawyer etc. Perhaps, since you are home inspector keep other streams at a high level and include more details on home inspections process from booking the inspection to client receiving the report.

You can also include different scenarios e.g. what happens if agreement doesn’t get signed etc Yes, this may not bring you any business but its something different that you can have on your website. I am sure first time home buyers can somehow benefit from it.

See attached example (Google image).

I will probably build one, just for fun.

First of all that is a flawed chart. Under the inspection you have “reapirs are needed” and “no repairs are needed”. I have never seen a house that does not need a repair, not even on new construction. And if a buyer does not konw the process (its the realtors job to guide them through it which they should have been done prior to looking at any homes) then they will be guided in the wrong direction and given improper infromation from how to choose an inspector to how to research a home to getting the best mortgage.