inspection ic software

Hi There

anyone using that software?

IC home inspection software, if you do, are you satisfied?


Forget it!



Don’t listen to Doug, can’t trust nobody from whitby.

Shane from Oshawa

please guys don’t start a war, i already using ReportHost, i am not very busy with inspection right now, i just looking around before the rush

i just wanted a opinion from someone already using it, before i chose the software that fit me

2 are at the top. HomeGauge and InspectorPro more new updates are coming with Homegauge and you can test run them both before you purchase.

Thanks to every one who’s taking the time to reply

it’s very appreciate


Lol Doug you are awesome! I use your HIP template!


Give 3D Inspection software a test drive. It offers a free road test!

I wish I could afford it!

By the way Doug your narratives in your template are awesome well done sir, helped me lots.