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Hello Again !
Well Another Rookie Question:)
There Seem To Be A Lot Of Report Writing Software Systems Out There , Which One Do Most Of You Use ?
I Am From Ontario Canada And The One’s I Have Found Are Geared Mostly To U.s. Users.
I Did Find One (inspect Express) That Looks Pretty Good.
What Do You Folks Think?

I looked at Inspect Express and I liked it, even more then Inspect Vue.

I am going to weigh in on the side of Inspect Vue. I have looked at quite a few and to me Inspect Vue is the best.Your milage may vary.

This Board has much information in lots of previous post’s . Also much information in the arkhives . you could not read it all in many weeks but the knowledge of information is well worth the look .
For many openions see

Roy Sr.

They have a very good tutorial on their web site.

I use my own data base that I have developed myself based on MS Access.

Exactly, but I’d have to say HomeGauge !

Claude Lawrenson

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Re: inspection software
"The time is always right

Claude recommends 3d soft ware. I feel it is only proper that you know he also is a supplier of 3d soft ware in Canada.

Roy Sr.


I use 3D software and recommend it highly. I’ve used it for nearly 13 years. I am not a reseller and don’t work for 3D. I recommend it because it’s the best I’ve seen and I’ve tried them all.

I’m with Claude and Joe on this one. 3-D is simply the best. Very stable. User friendly. Can be modified to fill your needs. Great tech support for those “DOH! I knew that!” questions.

I am not involved in selling this product but will happily accept a free car for my endorsements! . . . . . . Claude?:mrgreen:

George - No not unless I get mine first. I requested a Hummer, but will gladly live with an new Eco-Enviro car! Dreams can always live on.

My suggestion for software was simply look at what’s out there - they all have something good to offer. But net result look at its adaptability, ease of use and expandability. I find 3D suits me not because I am associated with a business that is the Canadian distributor, but also because of its depth and vogour and customer support. It comes with other templates such as ready made forms for commercial and other types of inspections.

There is a company out there even uses it for marine inspections.

Hell - I found a good little cheap one (software for under $100) from the US - but it was limited in its scope, not customizeable, and only accepted US zip codes. The old saying you get what you pay for!

I found the cost of 3D to be a bit excessive. At $1299.00 it is a bit pricey. Inspect Vue is priced at the $850.00 to $950.00 cdn price range and I have found it to be all I expect from reporting software. I will say that the learning curve is a bitt slower than some other software but the adaptability available is second to none. I am even doing residential/commercial inspections with it and have found that with very little playing it is fullfilling the need very nicely.
The boiler plate disclaimers in the program are second to none and have been researched by Porter Valley Software to apply to the home inspection industry.

By the way,
I would love to be a reseller of Porter Valley Software but…

James will recommend you to shop around in e bay .

I use HORIZON from CarsonDunlop it work find for me, buy it in block of 10 inspections Check it out on there web site.


Inspect Vue is a very good product for the price, especially at par!
Use to use Inspect It but they want to charge more for updates after I had bought the product outright. At the time I bought it it was understood you could download unlimited reports. Now they have changed that and require another charge for further upgrades. Not to impressed.

Claude Recommended 3D in an earlier post .
I said are you not the Canadian Supplier he later said he was associated with a business.
I do believe he is or was the owner with other partners.
This is not the first time Claude has made this mistake.
This is a lot more then an association with the business.
I think it is great when a person or company recommends a product.
But if they are the supplier it should be stated.
My openion.
Roy Sr

Is that a new NACHI rule?

No just good taste and proper ediquet
Why hide the fact you trying to sell your product.
Roy sr

I believe Inspectvue comes with a NACHI membership.

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