Inspection report

I have created an inspection report that is more of a checklist format. If an item is a safety issue or defective issue I note that. My question is what should I use if I observe no areas of concern? I have been using an A in place of acceptable but I’m concerned I could be setting myself up for something.

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Look at other forms, Property Inspection Report, REI-7-5. This can help on your template. You don’t have to use this format but the concept may help.

On this form each area has sub areas with a status check box for each sub area. If you check the “Inspected” (I) and leave the “Deficient” (D) unchecked it is understood no deficiencies exist. If it is there but you did not inspect it you would check the “NI” box and provide a narrative reason why. If it is not even there you would check the "Not Present (NP) box.

Underneath each of these sub sections you can write your narrative comments of issues found. You can also add additional information only comments. On my form I do separate these two with a bold and underlined heading for each so the comments can be quickly identified as issues or advice/additional info. This also helps keep you straight on the overall status check boxes for the sub system.

Keep in mind you are there to inspect and document ISSUES. When you write your report confine it to that and any additional recommendations or helpful information. Be as concise as you can and do not drift into hypothesis and “what ifs”. Your report writing should be to provide clear information. Sometimes you can do that in one short sentence and other times you might have to write a brief paragraph. The less you can write and still be clear the less chance of confusion by the client and the call backs and problems.

Good Luck on your form!

Checklists are yesterday… so the answer is yes.Nothing replaces straight forward comments that are understandable without a code translator.

You asked the question so your senses have already identified that you are “setting yourself up for something”.

Ultimately it should not matter what the word is because you should provide context and define whatever term you are using.

You seem to insinuate that you fear creating a liability issue by using words such as, acceptable, approved, working or functional.

If liability is the issue you are trying to address, it has been suggested to me that you should remain silent where no defects were noted and if you insist on a comment on every item, say “No defects were observed during the inspection" or something similar.

There is always that ‘thing’ about being a Professional Inspector in 2017 and writing a Narrative style report! Checklist reports were ‘dead’ (or should have been) in 2006!