Inspection Narratives?

I am a new inspector just getting into the field and wanted to know if anyone has a master list of narratives that I could look at? (free) Not nessasaraly to copy but to look at and get an idea on how to write professional sounding narratives.

scroll down

Last time I checked 99 dollars was not free.

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You get what you pay for.

Writing narratives take time. Lot’s of time. And constant updating to address various conditions.

Most inspectors are simply not willing to share their hard work just to be “borrowed”.

I suspect the “free” versions you will find are in the version of “sample reports” on inspectors websites. Even then, many inspectors do not display sample reports for this reason.

Good luck.

Here’s an old thread that has a link to some examples.

Speaking of which… what ever happened to that project that Ben was working on that involved all our helpful ‘tips and secrets’?


What a fricken deal for crap you can get for free.

People pay for water and air to Linus.
I will be starting my new narrative Live “help hotline” at $19.00@month with one year contract beginning next week, so please stop writing and asking for help till then all of you as I know excitement is in the air over this new service.

Thanks for all the help guys. I got what I needed

Joe,in all seriousness I doubt you got what you needed.

The only real way to have a good narrative collection is in your own words that you save as you do reports.

Strange that canned collections are called narratives ,when they are anything but.

Be present where you are and write what you see.(pretty simple)
If you are not sure about what you see then all the canned comments in the world will not help you.

Study and learn how to find answers on your own is the real secret.

Just copy one of my reports I gave you Joe.

That is how 90% of the HIP guys do it anyway. :wink:

Ya but You Save: $396.00 (67 %) :smiley: :twisted: