Inspection Packet

I provide my customers with the InterNACHI booklet at the end of the inspection in a Custom folder that has my business Logo and information print on it. Do you give your customers a similar folder and what type of information do you include. I was thing about something like a move in packet but thinking the the time and money to do this may not have added value. My impression is they pitch the material within a couple days anyways.

I do similar. They get the Home Maintenance Book, the Report book, an appreciation card and a coupon for 10% off paint from a local reputable paint company (which costs me nothing). I also keep the lines of communication open with them by providing my clients with names of contractors who can repair things I find in the home. I get no kick-backs from this and strive to give out at least 2 names per trade so the decision isn’t mine but theirs in the end. I work for a number of immigrants so this has become my trademark. I know this might be risky in the end, but we have SOOO many bad contractors here that people appreciate knowing who the good ones are. My referred contractors have never let me down.

Here is what I use

John, I give every client that attends the inspection plus a house warming gift (a 1lb bag of custom blended coffee).
I have a friend who is a coffee importer so he makes a special blend for me which I order. If I order in the morning he will roast, grind and package for me that evening. I have my own label which is them put on the packet with my logo and information. My clients love it.

Aubrey, now that is creative. You are a marketing genious. I would say you label is seen by your customer at least a couple dozen times before the coffee used up. Do give the gift before or after inspection. Do you include a message on your label like “coffee on me” or something like that.

Wow, that’s great.
Would you share your label source, and a sample of what it looks like?

Steve, I designed it using Avery label software (free download) to fit a 3"x4" package label. Ideally I would prefer to design it to a 3.5" x 4" label and I will probably do so just using Microsoft Word then my coffee guy can print them on his glossy paper which would then be put on the package. The package is a gloss black with gold metal tie. I will try to convert the file and then post it later.

OK, here is the label, it doesn’t look as good as when printed but will give you a good idea.

We just ordered custom printed Blue cotton candy flavored fortune cookies. All of the quotes in them have something to do with Honor.