Inspection report and templates

I am interested in using a new inspection report. I am new to NACHI. Could I get some feedback from you guys. Also what are your opinions in templates and verbiage .Thanks for your help.

Go to They have a texas template in the program.

Thanks Michael.

Are you a licensed Texas Inspector? What type of “new inspection report” are you looking for?

You can only use the TREC approved report template and you had best be using the current one. TREC is fining inspectors left and right for not using the current template.

Consider Whisper Solutions. A Texas-owned and based company (San Antonio in fact) that developed the first TREC template (many long years ago) into an application to manage it for you.

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Check out Whisper Reporter from Great software. And, the template we use everyday is an item we sell. It has 1700 of our most often used comments built in to our template.

Or, I have a book that many inspector use to copy comments from. It is available on Amazon: The Professional Home Inspectors Book of: Report Writing Comments For Success: Report Writing Comments For Success - Kindle edition by David Selman. Reference Kindle eBooks @

Let me know if you are interested.

The Horizon reporting system produces an attractive report. How do they comply with TREC? The necessary information in the Horizon report is transferred to the Texas format automatically. You have two reports with Horizon format seemingly more attractive. As the inspector, you simply give both to the client and use the Horizon format for review and reference. Its a slick way of taking back total design control of your report. They have free demo software.

I have been licensed for over 10 years.I am currently using the old TREC report.I like the report that Gromicki uses.

I would like to discuss it with you if you have time.(409) 781-0755.


What is the current status of your TREC license? When I look at the TREC site it is listed as being “inactive”. Your expiration date is: 07/31/18.

For some reason you have gone inactive (likely due to E&O coverage?) or some other reason.

Here’s hoping you are not inspecting without a valid TREC license?

Are you in the process of bringing your license out of the “inactive” status?

Yes but if he is not properly licensed then why bother using the required form? :stuck_out_tongue:

There must be an error.I am in good standing with TREC.

If this is your TREC listing and you say your are in good standing (suggesting that your license is ACTIVE) then you had best get in touch with TREC.

Currently it shows you as being “inactive” and you are not allowed to do inspections and are subject to fines and possible license suspension.

There may be a problem with TREC’s database, but it is up to you to chase it down.