Inspection Software

Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering what are your insights on inspection software for Texas. I am currently using the software from AHIT and it is fine, but it is a glorified Word Document with attachment capabilities.

I can tell that if you are doing a large report with several pictures that the computer becomes excessively slow…and it is on 2 different computers.

Anyways, I would dearly love to find a good software with manipulation to add photos, make comments, draw arrows, as well as possibly be able to use it on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and possibly save it to memory stick.

It, as always, must be compliant with TREC standards.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



Consider Whisper Reporter from the Whisper Solutions folks out of San Antonio. They have been providing the TREC compliant templates the longest of any. A couple of us on this forum participate with that applications continuing development as well as some support for Dominic’s HIP when it comes to the Texas TREC requirements.

Another good application is from Dominic Maricic and his product called Home Inspector Pro. He is a great person as well.

I’m sure you have been keeping track of the new/proposed SOP and 7-3 template that will likely be approved and required for use in 1Q13.

Both Whisper Solutions and HIP are “in tune” with what is going on and will have compliant 7-3 templates available when/if everything is approved.

BTW - you can download full operating applications from both companies for at least a 30-day trial. You might be able to twist an arm to get a bit longer of a trial as well.


Texas Template is built into HIP by default.

I have tried them all, Homegauge was my choice hands down. I get compliments from clients all the time on how impressed they were by our reports. You get what you pay for here, so choose wisely.

Try all three as Whisper is popular in Texas and HIP has a great converter for former HG users jumping ship.

One of the nice features we added for Texas many years ago was the ability to do the inspection any way you want…room by room…and then it maps the data to the TREC form. You are not forced to use the TREC form to do the actual inspection. This makes it easier to use the software AS you are doing your inspection on a handheld and completely avoid rekeying data later at the office.

i.e, sent back to the minor league :stuck_out_tongue:

HG has the Texas Template build in as well. Invest in the best :D.

Myself I like, Palm-Tech, but then there is Home Gauge also. They are easy once you learn the program.


Gotta admit you make me laugh.:mrgreen:

As you guys know I normally would not come into a conversation like this, but Texas is a place where the wrong program has big repercussions. Be very careful with even well known software in Texas. Send it to a TREC attorney and you’ll know why. If it does not follow the TREC format exactly (i.e. all boxes and other sections must have the EXACT format and alignment when printed). I know quite a few guys in Texas have been switching to other programs like Whisper, Jeff Knights program and HIP after a few guys were told by TREC attorneys last year that there’s a $5000 fine for not having the exact TREC format. TREC is extremely particular about this!

I spent 2 years going back and forth with TREC attorney’s about HIP where they tore everything apart because it wasn’t exact. It’s only because of guys like Nolan, Mike Boyett and Brian Murphy that I was able to get it all right.