Inspection Reports

For sometime I have been dis-satisfied with the report software that I am using. Ifeel it does not give me the latitude I desire to express myself. I am now looking at software put out by “Inspection Report Creator”. This software is very expensive. Does anyone have any experience using this software? Is it worth the money or is there another that may be just as good but less expensive? Thanks for the advice.

Home Inspector Pro.

Dom has the best customer service and help around.

I use Knight Software and love it.

Yet no sample report on your site.
Home Inspector Pro users have great looking reports that they are proud to show off.

Great software, all my inspectors use it. Well worth the cost.:wink:

I guess it depends on your reporting methods. There is no “one size fits all”, although HIP comes close. Do you use a PDA? Tablet? Laptop? Desktop? Bic & Mead? Other?

I thought you made a special backpack to carry your laptop so you could use Dragon speech recognition with a wired headset piped in to Microsoft word.

That demo you gave was pretty cool till you sat down and busted the case.

Since when? You, until now, drank the HG and HIP water.

That is my own Mega Inspector Super Pro report writing software system I am developing. I’m working on a PDA version now and will be doing Beta testing shortly.

I think you should buy it and check it off on your bucket list, then come to your senses and get HIP.:smiley:

If you are looking for the “latitude to express yourself” HIP is certianly one of the best possible choices. If you don’t like any of the the included templates or any of those offerred by other inspectors, you can build one of your own from scratch. Give it a try for a free 90 days - I predict you will never leave.

It took me over two years to develop my own report software. Simple, and I can update it myself. Agents and buyers alike always comment highly of the reports to me. Quick, print on site, collect the check, done. No work at home. Based on excel.

Depends. Are you looking for software to use in the field WHILE you are doing your inspection so that you can avoid the reentering of data later or a reporting system that lets you enter the data later at home ?