Laid Off

I was laid off my regular full time job today. I will be going full blast with the Inspection bussiness here in the Orlando, Fl area. Wish me luck.

Good luck Wilfred. Are there many home inspectors in Florida?

Yes , but I have got to make a go of it. I already informed all my realtors.Thanks

Good luck Wilfred. Nothing motivates like being pushed out of the nest. I will send you a pm.


Good luck Will!!

God won’t bless you for working on Sundays.

P.S. I’d change this policy if it were me. From your website: “Will Hellner is so particular about his home inspections that he will not perform them unless both client and realtor are present.”

I’d loose about 1/2 of my jobs if I held myself to that standard. And who gives a flip if the agent is present or not? Are you working for them?

I agree with Joe. Why do you want either? I used to love the vacant jobs.

My second born is being laid off from IBM the first of June after 13 years Thank goodness he does not want to be a Home inspector;-);-):wink:

Intel is hiring here Charley. :smiley:

Welcome to the central Florida full time inspectors group there are quite a few of us here but you are welcome to our world. I wish you all the best and hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Hi Will
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