Inspection Sheduling Gone Wrong

Again, I agree with, Bert! :nerd_face:


I have been at this long enough that I don’t do an inspection after 2, once in awhile on Saturday and never on Sunday. If these times don’t work for anybody then I just book another inspection that will. Too many people are worried about loosing work. If you operate the business correctly you will have the work. I also don’t brag or tout about how many inspections I have done. What you should be looking at is your bottom line. If an inspector is charging less than others then he has to work harder to make what the others are making. I look more at the bottom line each year and not how many I did.

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Bert nailed it!


Bert…I don’t need your judgement. You have misread the question, all I asked was what people charge for working after 5:00. I know where I stand.

No other question or even some opinion that your referring to was asked. I rarely post anything on social media unless it’s a question or business related. I’ve found that most people would never say the things to peoples face that they say on forums and social media. It gives you a sense of freedom, Stay true to yourself. I must have hit a soft spot for you along with a lot of others.

The Spectora post you refer to was split with a lot of differing views on the topic just as this one is and it’s very interesting getting to know where people stand.

This forum is very helpful for me as an inspector but I’ve found that some people are just not true to themselves, they get some type of “ego high” from being sarcastic or whatever term you want to use by responding the way they do.(now this doesn’t go for everyone)

Respond professionally just like you would to a client that has questions.

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You may want to pass on this inspection because it sounds like there might be some bad blood brewing between you, the realtor, the seller, and the buyer. If they start off thinking you’re gonna rip them off, they will NOT hesitate to contact a lawyer if something goes sideways. PASS, apologize to the agent.


Settle down now honey it’s all OK


Sorry Paul. I’ll read more carefully in the future. I apologize that my post came across as judgmental. I’ll do better.

I do not charge an extra fee for working after 5:pm. Good luck with your survey.


I actually advertise that I’ll do an inspection on days and times when others won’t, including a very early start or a late start, and anytime on weekends. I don’t really charge extra for the late inspections, but I do let them know that if I start after 5 pm that I won’t be able to send the report that same day, which is also what I advertise. Latest I’ve started was 6:30 pm, which was 1 hour before sundown, and at no extra charge.

I don’t do inspections full time, and only do 1 per day. If you are doing inspections full time, and trying to do 2-3 per day, then you don’t have that flexibility to book inspections at odd times without having to use 2 inspection slots…for the price of 1 inspection. Nothing is wrong with telling them no, and I don’t think you’ll lose business or referrals if you explain that your income is based on multiple inspections in a day and home by 6 pm, and that inspections at odd times costs you money.

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To each his own. I’m very flexible = I have 2 time slot available … 9-10am OR 1-2pm. Thats it.

Try telling the average doctor, dentist, internet installer, etc YOU can’t see them till AFTER 5pm.

AND during the winter where I’m at its almost DARK by 5-5:30pm


I don’t charge for after a certain time. I schedule 9am, 1pm, and 4pm if squeezing in a third for the day. If the client can’t make it to the scheduled walk through time (11am, 3pm, 6pm) I tell them to review the report and IF there was any reason needed to be at the property to show them a concern in person, we will arrange another day/time that works for both of our schedules. So far, no one has requested the need for me to schedule a separate walk through with them.


Just finished an inspection today for a out of town client that wanted to be there. Only day he could be here so I made it happen for him. No extra charge for working on a Sunday. Good reviews and referrals pay off in the long run.


Well done Thomas. It’s your business and you can make your own hours.

I did two construction Inspections after 5 PM this week.

Today I did a roof inspection for a construction inspection that is scheduled for tomorrow. There is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow and today was sunny.

I picked up two more clients in the neighborhood this week where I will continue to perform new construction inspections. It’s a nice steady stream of income that will last for 4 to 5 months. It’s all word-of-mouth based on my work ethics and experience.


Same, have the buyer show up later and you can do a walk through with them while the owner isn’t there, after they’re off work? Thats my only apprehension is having the buyer and seller there at the same time.

Honestly though, I have had only one seller insist on being there since Covid, the rest just go to a coffeeshop, or if they’re closed, simply tether from their car… But I guess not everyone is all that tech savvy?


I agree with that we have the option to run our business how we want. In doing so, we also have to think about “our” business reputation. My reputation went sort of like this today:

BA call to LA: “The home inspection is scheduled for this Sunday because it’s the only day the client can be there because he’s from another state.”

LA: “Where did you find a Home Inspector that works on Sundays???”

BA: “I have my connections with good ones that are willing…”

LA: " Please send me their info…"


That’s the way the good ones do it Thomas. HI’s here have a reputation of being arrogant. That remark came straight from a RA in the business for 30 years.

I don’t charge extra for weekend work or work after 5. I ran my plumbing business the same way.

I must have done something right along the way to be blessed.


That’s a good idea, Scott.


Going out of your way for your clients is what will build your reputation. If you want a poor reputation, then do not comply, and you will end up with all the free time you wish. If you want to be successful, then take care of your clients, be the inspector they brag on, and grow your business. It really is that simple.


Welcome to our forum, David!..Enjoy! :smile:

And you are absolutely correct on this:

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Every Company is self-governed and do things different, which is good, So I’m curiuos myself, what he should charge if it’s NOT the normal for this inspector? Good question, I’m reading through these messages and haven’t gotten a good answer. But if I could put my 2-cents in, “A workmen is worth his or hers Hire” So the answer what be, What are you Worth?

You can’t put a price on David’s work ethics. I like the way he thinks.