Report Software recommendations?

I have been an inspector for the last 3 years. I got my start with a company and I am considering going out on my own soon.
We use an open Office narrative report and it is fine.

I would like to stick with a narrative report and a tablet Pc.

What do you guys like?

NACHI Gauge of course

3D of course

I picked up free copies of InspectVue, HomeGauge, and ReportHost at the convention and have been playing around with them since I got back. Previously, I was a big fan of InspectVue, specifically because of how it handled pictures, but I must admit that the three are running neck, neck, and neck right now. I think it’s going to be a photo finish.

#1) Porter Valley - InspectVue
#2) Home Gauge

Just my opinion. . .

I use Home Gauge and love it, Their support staff is excellent as well.

There is only the right one—Home Gauge.

I also recommend InspectVUE, from Porter Valley Software.

I checked them all out a few months back, and decided I liked InspectVue best. They are all fairly similar and adaptable, but InspectVue seemed to complement my previous style of totally narrative writing of reports.
And I like their attitude. If you’ve ever read Keith Swift’s book “Inspect and Protect”, which I highly recommed, you’ll feel comfortable with a lot of the narratives supplied with the software. The support is good, with frequent updates.

Look at **Palm-Tech **It’s easy to use and they have a a good Demo.I like it but none are perfect.

NACHI guage

Jim, try them all, make your choice, and live happily ever after.