Inspection Speech

Really curious what y’all say for your pre-inspection speech? I usually end up saying th exact same points but was curious what everyone here says and how much time they spend on it?

Who are you speaking to? Clients, agents etc…

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If my client is a buyer I ask what may be of greatest concern to them. Then I’ll follow that path of helping with their concerns.

To clients, sorry.

Very interesting, nothing else? I’ve teetered back and forth from covering certain things at the beginning or while we walk through, generally I’ve landed on a short 3-5 minute at the start speech to my clients, who are 95% of the time a home buyer

Mostly, just conversation, nothing specific.


Brandon, my typical protocol on initial contact with a client is via a phone conversation. I tell them the basics of a home inspection and what I’ll be looking for with major components, usually a minute or two and I ask them if they have questions. I also joke with them that I don’t have x-ray vision so a can’t look through and see everything. They usually understand but also puts them on notice.

If I don’t already have the property info in front of me, I will tell them I will look it up and call them back with a quote and if we agree to that, I have a prepared email that states the agreed quote, the SOP and some other liability language and the agreement will follow. After that email I will send the agreement.


I did that too, David. Only I would make a point of saying "We will pay special attention to that/those area(s) when my routine gets me there. I do the routine the same every time so I am less likely to miss another important concern.

Here is a pad, pencil and measuring tape for you to look around and make questions that I will answer when I get there or you can follow me around until you are bored. Don’t worry, if there is something that I want you to see, I will yell for you to come.


One thing I didn’t think of was if you are face to face with the client for the first time on site. My area consist mainly of second/retirement homes and out of town buyers. 95% or more of my inspections, the client is not present so most of the initial, inspection and Q&A’s are done via phone and email without ever knowing or meeting them in person.

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Since COVID almost all my conversations and buyers show up at the end for a “run-down” it goes something like this:

“Nice to meet you etc etc”

“Before I begin, what questions or concerns do you have for me, be it about the house, the process, or anything you’ve seen at the house, or noticed on the disclosures.”

A good follow up statement I use (and learned in sales training years back) is “What else?”

This allows them time to think and stir up any other questions etc.

Then I give a “run-down” of things that came up so they can better understand the report later when emailed.

Good luck out there.

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Hi Brandon: I have posted it before but I can’t put my finger on the post, but here is the jist.
Don’t under any circumstances assume the client has read the PIA, heck, most don’t even read the report. Go over the terms of your PIA. Make sure they clearly know the limitations of a visual inspection.
I used to spend 10-15 min going over points like limit of liability, can only inspect what I can see, don’t do damage… I’m sure you get the drift. There are clients out there that have the unreasonable expectation that once they have had a home inspection nothing will break, need repair or replacement and if that happens the inspector will pay for the repair/replacement. Managing your clients expectations and ensuring they clearly understand the limitations of a VISUAL inspection is your most important job.
Hope this helps


No speech… Most clients are seeking the inspector to run the inspection taking charge and moving through the process, they want to feel secure you know what you’re doing, talking just makes things worse. Do more say less.


So says the wife. :roll_eyes:


Spot on with Larry.

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Im with Douglas. I also say something like “if I mention to you that an item in the house is working today, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be working 3 weeks or 3 months from now.” It gets the point across that I can only see what’s going on today…