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I was already thinking early March would be a good time to come see the house of Horrors.

Is there going to be a break down of what will be happening. Always love to travel to Denver, get to visit my son at University of Northern Colorado.

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Are you going to attend Jeffrey?

Very doubtful. Spring is my busiest time of year. Depending when the thaw from winter begins, depends on when business picks-up. Sometimes as early as the last week of Feburary, but typically the middle of March. The first three months (March-April-May) set the pace for the rest of the year. My service area (rural America) is heavily influenced by family/children… such as Spring Break, school out for summer, family vacations, National holidays, start of school-shopping for school supplies and new clothes, etc.

Think of your favorite Roller Coaster… it begins with the tallest climb before a drop and again another rise but smaller… and so on, and so on.

I do love me a good roller coaster!!!

One would think that after all these years, that someone would realize that most Northern inspectors are slow(er) in the winter, and would schedule events during January and February, also that not everyone wants to travel to Florida, Texas, or California during those times (or at all) for any extended period of time.

With all that being said, I am certain you and I will meet at some point in the future. It may not be until I retire though, (ha!), but who knows. :wink:

I also see late February and the early weeks of March as the beginning of the “busy” season. Taking time away at this time of year is very expensive when you consider the lost revenue. How about a mid winter January or early February conference that allows us frozen northerners to take a trip. Pick a time period that doesn’t interfere with the AFC Championship game or SuperBowl though…I am a Patriots fan:p

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The Inspection Support Network (ISN) team will be there!
Gonna be great!


Can I get some details of what this event is and will cost? I was planning on driving down for a visit but they event sounds like a better time to come. Im looking at flights and that might be better than the 19 hour drive. Just want a general idea of what the cost of the event is and what its all about?
My email address has also already been added to the update list.

I’m in the same place…I’d like to do some preliminary planning but I have no idea what I am planning for.

Unfortunately, this is typical for Nick. I have missed many an event due to lack of information being provided with the announcement. When Nick is pushed for more details, he simply states that if he announced it, it will happen, so just go ahead and make plans, to trust him. Sorry, I don’t operate that way, and I think it is foolish for Nick to think any business owner was careless enough to operate their business that way.

Guilty as charged.

However, we have a long reputation of throwing fabulous industry events that are packed.

Instead of Inspector Summit, why don’t you come for this amazing one-day event: Inspector Boost. The link lays out in great detail exactly what is happening. It’s only $99 and spouses are free. Tons of food and door prizes. It’s a very fast-paced, high-value day that will really help your inspection business. Explore the event webpage:

I am close to decision time about where I will spend my conference dollars for 2017, the lack of information regarding this show in early March is making it very difficult to commit. I would like to plan, and take advantage of early booking discounts for lodging and air fair. I want to give Nachi another chance at putting on a successful show (the last one was simply awful). Please give us something to go on…please.