Inspection Support Network

I have been getting a few emails about the ISN over the past couple of days. It seems there are a few guys that have seen it on my sites and are not familiar with it. I figured I would post about it, and how great it is.

I originally wanted it so that I could let a client see my schedule online. I found out that they partnered with HIP and thought it would be perfect. I called them, spoke to Chris, gave them a logo and a copy of my contract and I was running in an hour! They will set everything up for you, add documents, contracts set up your agent data bases, ect. They format your contract for you so it auto populates with client information and prepares it for the auto email process. The ISN then will automatically email all involved, buyers agent, listing agent, clients, really anyone that you want it to.

I actually had a situation this week because I work in two different states. New Jersey has their own Standards Of Practice and your agreements have to be NJ compliant. I also work in PA where I can use the Nachi Standards and agreement. I had to segregate my clients from my NJ site and My PA site and still show inspections on the same schedule. I also had to have the ISN differentiate who to email what agreement to. This is essentially having two separate ISNs working as one.

I emailed Chris at the ISN and he stated that this was a unique problem but he would look into it. Now, as a side note, Chris and his wife are occupied with finding out about their first child. I don’t know if I should have mentioned that, but it proves a point about the ISN and their staff’s dedication to customer service. Chris and his team of software engineers had in no time updated my ISN to work as I wanted, they also emailed me an animated tutorial on how the new update works. The people at the ISN took complete ownership of the situation and treated it as though it was the only thing that mattered. Customer service like this makes you wonder what you yourself can do better for your own clients.

My hat is off to Dan Huber and Chris Schuld at the ISN for a great product and even greater service. I would highly recommend their service for anyone who seeks an online scheduling program.

Drew Levy

You won’t find better people in this industry than Dan and Chris!! The ISN has revolutionized the inspection industry and it continues to get better every day.

I could not imagine running my business without it!