ISN discussions? Where?

A MB search for ISN came up empty, but I can’t believe it hasn’t been discussed. Anyone have a link to a post?

The search function here does not work well .

Go to Google and enter …Inspection Support Network

I find mostly descriptions there, Bob. I was hoping to find comments by inspectors who use them, or are considering using them. It looks like a very effective service.


I know you don’t typically care to chat with me usually :wink: but trust me you won’t go wrong with ISN. Sign up for the 60 day trial and play with it.

Billy, es tu loco, hombre? :D:D
I’m not really looking to use it, but I’m working on a marketing guide and wanted to be able to give inspectors an idea of how those who have used it feel about it. It seems to cover some areas that a lot of inspectors either don’t like to deal with or aren’t good at dealing with.

You nailed it Ken. If we felt like sending out our own emails, tracking miles, tracking reports and much more time consuming task then no one would use ISN. Comes in very handy. I will not venture away from it. Just wish HG was doing business with them.

You mean,Drafts,Calender Alerts,and Google Maps ?
Yeah why not just pay for every aspect rather than save money .

Are you doing more than 300 a year Billy ?
You have time for all the SEO and website stuff so how long does it take you to write a confirmation of the calendar ?
I would be happy to teach you.

Confirmed 3 inspections at once last night and entered all information in my Google Calendar which syncs up with contact info which also syncs up with all my devices,phone,laptop,tablet,desktop,etc plus reports are tracked automatically through HIP cloud service notifying me when they are viewed.

Information is search as you type plus many outside apps sync with Google making it more powerful such as EPIM which I turned Mike Meeker on to years ago.

Time about 10 minutes for all three.

Google is the best at tracking information if you learn how to use it.
Cost is $$$000.


I’m stuck inside due to deep freeze today and tons of snow. I would love to see what your doing. If you don’t mind lets do a meeting today if you have time for it.

Sure same here as my morning inspection got canceled thankfully.
It was in the city where they use chairs to save parking spots and would have hated to risk having my SUV vandalized in -20 weather.
Heading out for Coffee but will be around all day.

Hey Kenton,

You can use this method to Google for things in the InterNACHI forum, it’s more flexible and reliable than the forum search (although it doing this way does cost Nick a few website hits)

Google: isn -isnt -“isn’t”
or just click

Kenton, the forum search doesn’t work with 3 letters. Only 4 or more.

I recommend calling Dan at ISN having him do a demo with you so that you can get a full understanding of all the awesomeness that is ISN. Tell him Dom sent you :wink:

We use it and did more than 2300 inspections last year. It helps us track everything and saved me from hiring another office person. Agents love the reminders. It has saved me more than once getting access information when someone was reminded to forward a code after a reminder email, the same has happened with utilities. We were able to do several inspections last year because of the reminders. We have a few new agents just because they thought our office was so professional, when it was actually the ISN system. It has paid for itself. We did raise prices by five dollars, it covered the cost and put a couple of more dollars in our pocket.

It is a consistent and professional office assistant that never calls in. The tools that it has to track our business alone makes it worth it.

“Those things that are monitored, improve.”

I am a new user with it …
I’m currently still in the free mode but will keep it and pay monthly when that time comes.
I’m a one man army here and I like the thought that they have me covered .

I just 5 minutes ago received yet another email and text that a customer had locked in and signed the agreement …

It takes awhile for the public to finally get it as they just don’t seem to be the sharpest and end up calling me .

I have added enough idiot proof funneling and guides that I feel they are coming around to the user interface on my website …

Take a look at what I had to do …

How do you like my patent pending , "Second chance deal " ? lol…