Inspection templates

Through many inspections I have created inspection templates. One template for each general catagory (hvac, roof, electric, etc). With each catagory I have developed a list of items that are inspected, and the issues that you look for as you move through your inspection. I have set these template up in my inspection software. It makes for a smooth inspection process that is the same ever time. I have thought about packaging and selling my templates. Maybe charge $9.99 for all of them. This is something that I could have really used when I got started.

Does anyone think that this is something that new Inspector could use and would buy?

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Wow inspection times must be getting tough.
Still remember the days when members helped members without looking for a fast buck.

First Billy who sat here all day getting free everything and now even new guys.
Whats going on here ?

Entrepreneurs are the worst :wink:

Well, we are all happy you feel that way. We anxiously await you posting your current template with all of your comments.:smiley:

I love entrepreneurs.
Been one my whole life.
A real entrepreneur is independant minded rather than a follower
I hate followers.
They tend to group together and all think in lock step.
Followers attack in packs much like wolves and only succeed in groups.
Followers consume what is given them.

Lions are called king of the forest and hunt independently.
Lions do not hunt mosquitos.
I like Lions.:cool:

Business can be like a mine field. It doesn’t always pay to be the first to wander in there :slight_smile:

Emulation of success is not the same as following.
One could say for instance that Hitler was successful at the time however one would not be wise to *follow *Hitler.

Can not help but notice the first to start a Pyramid scheme is the one who succeeds.:slight_smile:
The pack must then maintain success by convincing the rest to join in.
What happens is the first there gets all the meat and the followers get less and less as more join in.

It is good to be king…:slight_smile:

Is today “Waxing Philosophical Day”?

Let sell them for you.

Haha. Everybody has a opinion. I guess I’m a Lion. Belliott, thanks for your comments.

Hey Gromicko, thanks for the heads-up. That sounds like a win/win venture.

Does my name appear as belliott on the forum…hmmm
Shows as Bob Elliott to me so maybe the forum is screwed up.

Before “the waxing” I honestly would not want anyone elses template or comments as it is so personal to a unique inspection style and needs to follow your actual mindset.

Over at HIP we actually share our templates and here is a copy of mine from the past threads along with others who also feel a sense of community “one hand washes the other” …

Bret ignore Bob. He has a history of trying to bring down inspectors. While I have no interest in your templates, I wish you the best of luck with selling them.

Your advice comes from inexperience and desire only to profit.
You need to learn more about actual inspection rather than spend your time creating enemies.

The Napoleon complex is showing.

You are not my buddy and proved to be a nemesis from your very first postings a year ago when your only jobs came through lowballing prices at “Service Magic”

Go stalk someone else for a change .(you are a follower)

Bret ill tell you what, send me your template. I’ll pay for them and review them here on the boards.

What software is the template in?

I will spend $$$ to make $$$.

I just spent money on having Kenton Sheppard review my report.
(I have been working with him for a few days now)
I will post my experience when I am through. It has been worth my investment.

Billy B is a go getter, he found a niche and went for it, great for him. Inachi is geared for the newer inspector, utilize what it has to offer.
I have enjoyed my 10 years as a Inachi member. Proud of my achievements. I was as green as it gets at the start. I am still a work in progress.

If there is a market for templates go for it!!

Actually I feel a market for a inspector consultant. Kinda a combo of a lot of people.

There a consultants for large firms, why not Home Inspection!!

I admit that I accidently read your post.
Where should I send you a check for the advice ?

I could use it as I just recently had a bad check from an investor. ($375)

Come up with some creative ideas and I will pay you!!

What you got besides belly aching??

(by the way your Bears should beat my Browns) Hate to say it but, it is the hard facts. You are in the hunt, we talk about drafts.

Whoops. I was so focused on the fluffy philosophy that I never actually answered your question.

I personally think it depends on your experience. For instance, how long have you been inspecting? How many reports have you written? If the answers to these questions are “not long” and “not many” then I doubt you have a product worth offering just yet.

I think it takes many years doing inspections before you have come across all of the basic information an inspector would need to draw from.

Then there’s also the different areas of the country to consider. Some inspectors will need to inspect components which your area of the country simply wouldn’t address and vice versa.

Just some thoughts for you to consider. Take em or leave em.:slight_smile: