New business name

Name advice- sorry if I don’t reply back ,I appreciate the help.
Should we always add “Inspections” or “Home Inspector” after our full “legal” business name?

Example: ??? LLC or ??? Home Inspections LLC or ??? Inspections LLC
All of my name ideas are available through secretary of State and website domains as well.
As of now my name is registered as just “name” LLC. Obviously does not convey the work but all future cards and websites would have my business name plus home inspections anyway.
Thank you
Andrew C

Your business name should almost always imply what service you provide. General terms like “Frank’s Inspection Services” is too broad unless you inspect everything that can be inspected.

" ‘Name’ Home Inspections" . Add LLC, INC. etc. however you form your business. Any ancillary services don’t have to be added to the registered business name unless you want to edit or add a new one to the registered name you have.

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Town or county name, home inspection services.
Seo optimize;Town or county name, Home Inspectors.
Don’t forget a catchy motto.