Inspections from a Re-Inspection Company

It is starting. Just recently an inspection company offering $59.99 inspections and promising no re-inspections has been advertising. They even have a nice gift card rewards program.

No re-inspections is the problem. Citizens should QA all inspections submitted and re-inspect the bad ones. If retail providers can have an unfair market advantage of no re-inspections that is a problem for everyone else.

I think Steven Taylor has been preaching this for about a year now.

Its been going on for over a year. Its false advertising and should be fowarded to everyone. PLease foward it to me if you are not comfortable, we will get it stopped. Gift cards and rebates are also illegal and should not be tolerated. Post that stuff or send it my way.


While I agree with you that the practice should be not be done, please provide the statute or reference that states that gift cards and rebates are illegal.

Why can’t you guarantee no reinspection…If they are done right…of course this requires all paper work including noa’s and permits and pictures and providing the carriers don’t change the requirements on what qualifies as as a credit. Good luck with that $60.00 guaranteed wind mit.

LOwalling is legal. Kickbacks are not. You cannot guarantee a reinspection because it is not up to anyone, but the carrier. Sorry Steve I cannot reference FL statute, same for any other crime

Ain’t it great with these newly approved 7000 folks that can now do them.

You will see them for $19.99 as I have been saying for some time.

Folks got to work and will do whatever it takes to put food on their plate.

When you add thousands more that can do the job the price of the job will plummet. This goes for any job. The more that are allowed to do a job the lower the price.

Thanks for licensing.

LMAO…guess where this came from!
Wind Mitigation From $40 - Just Call Now](

Dear kettle your black…love pot

Russel what does that make you ? You forget trying to get me to Lower my prices to have the privilege to work for you? Or do you just pretend it did not happen.

What I do is called marketing and advertising. you just post a small part of the add and I am fine with it. Maybe I will lower that price to $19.99 just so I can be right.

I offered you at least what about 20 a week at $100 per inspection and you wanted $125…now your doing them for $40…and your calling me out?..LMAO…

Do them for free for all I care. You charge exactly what your worth.

You are a liar. WOuld you like me to post the communications?

See ya.

Just keep attacking and running when I prove you are full of cr ap. Just like always.

At least I am honest :slight_smile:

It was 3 years ago. I don’t remember the exact details, but you wanted more than I felt you were worth. That is a fact. You did not and presently do not provide a product people will pay a premium price for as indicated by your $40 price, that is a fact.

You have been doing these for years and still don’t have a client base that will pay you a decent price for a quality job. That is a fact. Your website says your prices start at $40 that is a fact. You failed and general contracting and now failing at wind mitigations, those are also facts.

Another fact is you are doing more work for less money which indicates you are a poor business man.

What other facts would you like?

Again with this…

Have to run…two a day every day this week makes Eric a tired boy…:wink:

No Russell.

I have not failed at anything and am still doing both.

You are a Liar and a fool and that is a fact.

You guys are missing the point. The Citizens Re-Inspection companies are stating that if they do the retail inspection it will not get re-inspected.

Regarding the rebating the laws that regulate home inspections, home inspectors, and home inspection companies address rebating and kickbacks.

No matter your license if you are performing a wind mitigation inspection it falls under the same rules.

“A person acting within his or her authorized scope of practice as licensed under federal, state, or local codes or statutes, except when such person holds himself or herself out for hire to the public as a “certified home inspector,” “registered home inspector,” “licensed home inspector,” “home inspector,” “professional home inspector,” or any combination thereof stating or implying licensure under this part.”

Offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to any broker or agent therefor for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or the inspection company.

Mike, you can charge whatever you want for inspections. That is your decision. In the roofing industry they say there are two types of roofing companies, good roofing companies and cheap roofing companies. Probably the same with stucco. With your involvement on these boards you state to be a good inspector. Remember being the cheapest is not always best. Some customers specifically avoid the really low prices.

Also remember the wind mitigation has your name on it. While you may be able to do the inspection at a profit for that amount you also need to make enough so that when the next crazy re-inspection program happens you can afford to answer the phone regarding the inspections you performed two years ago. Personally I have considered raising prices just out of fear for the amount of support customers may need over the 5 year life of each wind mitigation inspection we perform.

I do the best I can each time. I work only for the clients. Wind mits or insurance inspections are nothing like home inspections. These fools do not understand the client only wants the cheapest inspection that gets him the most credits.

Many are in the insurance guys pockets.
I am not. I give my best opinion of my interpretation each time and am only trying to be accurate.

Other companies and inspectors do not act that way.

I was told last week that a clients agent could get the guy the stickers he needed for $150.00.

Boy good thing we must take pictures of everything :roll:

Can you please post what you saw regarding the no reinspection guarantee. If they are in fact advertising this, it is false advertising and racketeering,( Both illegal)

Mike, People only want an inspection after being told by their insurance agent that they should get one. Very few people even know what a wind MIT is until their agent tells them.

The only people concerned only with the cost, are the ones who have had one before, and know what they’re all about and are willing to pay a couple different inspectors and see which one gets them the most credits. These people will get reinspected, no doubt.

You truly need to understand, and embrace, that insurance inspection leads come 99.9% from the agents. It’s not about giving them gifts, or sucking up to them. It’s about giving them excellent service, quality inspections, and helping them (the agencies and the clients) out after the fact, in the case of reinspections and whatnot.