Inspections throughout construction

I have a client wanting to have his home inspected throughout its construction. They have not broke ground on the constructions yet. At what stages do you guys think is best and how many inspections would you do?

Do a forum search for “Phase Inspections”, there is a lot that has been discussed about this.

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Depends on the house and the Clients expectations.
For an average home I recommend 5 minimum, and have done as many as 15. Be sure to have a “Change Order” contingency as those may add additional inspections to keep the overall inspection within the Standards of the Scope.

Will you define these 5? I think it will be helpful.


General 5 Visit Phase (Minimum- varies with Client, Home and Contractor schedule)…

  1. Foundation: Excav / Foundation Pour / In-ground Plumbing, Utilities / Slab pour
  2. Rough Framing: Full frame / Roof Trusses placed and sheathed
  3. Roof / Electrical / Plumbing / HVAC: Roof covering placed / Rough Elect / Rough Plumb / Rough HVAC
  4. Rough/Medium Finish: (Rec: Split for Two inspections): Pre Drywall / Roof complete / Insulation / Cabinetry / Floor finishes complete / Primer & Painting complete / Stains & Other
  5. Completion: All Plumbing Fixtures / All Electrical Fixtures / All HVAC inc. ducts and registers / All Appliances / All Landscaping / Walks / Driveways / Misc. / Total Complete

My first question is what is your experience in new home construction and are you familiar with building codes?


If you are asking this question then possibly you’re not ready to perform phase inspections?

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