New construction

I am talking to home builder who wants inspections done at various stages of construction.
I am trying to get some estimates about time per visit. He wants to make a deal for about a dozen houses.
His houses he says are about 2000 square feet, and apparently he is having trouble with his subs re quality. All houses here will also be inspected for code, and IMHO code inspections here are pretty good.
All suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.

Erik, same floor plan or slightly different I would do a flat fee per house. You will have to up on your code. Will this be an inspection before the city rough-in inspection?

It would have been for non code quality issues at various stages of construction, but the guy says he found somebody else.
From what he was asking I was thinking an hourly rate (50 bucks?) flat rated for one or two hours per inspection, maybe one inspection for rough in, one for drywall etc., whatever he wanted checked.

Any opinions on a complete new home final inspection before occupancy, do you find they take less time or the same time?

I do phase inspections every week, the final inspection (especially if I did the first 2-3 phases) will take less time on average. But don’t be surprised to find crazy deficiencies, so keep your eyes peeled and still take your time.

I know a couple inspectors who work for the builders, they do a few houses a day for them. The good thing with those inspections (from what I understand) is that the reporting is “minimal”, more like a quick check list style that belongs to the builder.

If I were to get a gig like that, I would most likely just charge a flat rate per house.

Hi Eric.
$50.00 per hour is about right or $100.00 per visit. if they have a dozen homes you might want offer a discount for that many inspections. Like $45.00 per hour.
Don’t give too much of a discount, they mat try an get more and more in the future.