inspectit ???

Inspectit software … let me know your thoughts people… i bought this and not liking it very much…

Very common story. Buy Home Inspector Pro

I recently purchased home gauge its (for me) complicated but well thought out and the customer support has been excellent.

I pay the monthly, its just easier for me that way.

I would give that a try.

If you want to do your inspection once and not reenter the data back in the office give us a look. Remember InspectIt is from a school and not a software company.

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Im jumping ship from inspectit. It crashes and is unimaginative. I think today will be my last report with it.

Good choice…when the school is also selling forms…the incentive for their software to replace their money-making forms is not there. It is the main reason we came in to help ITA years ago with their software because they had no incentive to replace their Matrix forms back then.

Try the free trial with Home Inspector Pro.

hello all and thank you for all the advise. i did make the mistake of purchasing inspectit . now unfortunatly i really like home inspector pro. i have to wait awhile and get some inspections to be able to pay for another software program. Iam bummed and disappointed with inspectit. i have managed to create a template that allows me to do what i need but I am still wanting the home inspector pro. thanks again