Back to the old software questions.

I am going to be changing software in the next couple of weeks, as the one I am using is a little more difficult to use than I was expecting. I am unable to email the report to clients which is becoming my number one way to deliver the report, even though I create it on site.
I was wondering if any body is using the Inspection Report Creator 2.2?

If any body is or has used this software, please email me or post here, as I would like your personnel experiences with it.

Thank you,

J. Laughren

If your talking about the one from PHII, I have only used the demo version of it. What about it do you not like?

Is anyone else using ITA’s Matrix Report system for PC laptops or Tablets. I have been playing with it and like it.

Sad part is…it adds atleast 1 hour more to an inspection because you have to PECK it all into the laptop…but it was getting harder and harder for people to read the NCR’s…so I had to make a switch and I keep forgetting to PRESS HARDER…lol

I want to use report creator from phii. This is the software that I would like everybodies opinion on. I have also only used the demo version and so far like it.

Thank you,

Jason Laughren

I liked the demo version also. I also would be interested in hearing about the full version.


I updated their new version where the electrical systems were involved. Really is very easy for the Home Inspector too get the report out, in my opinion.

What software were you using?

Paul. Jeff Pope uses Matrix. Send him a message.

Erol Kartal

Does anyone have any opinion on InspectExpress software from DEVWAVE Software Inc? I saw an ad for it on the Inspector’s Journal website and looked at their website. What do you fellows know about it?

I use Inspect Express.

My clients seem to love the report.

It’s like any other software, you have to tweak it to get it how you like it.

But once it’s there, it’s a pretty simple report to do.

Anyone will love any report if you create it properly. And probably all the software out there will let you create the proper reports. So it then comes down to, “How easy is it for me to learn and get set up for my own reporting style, verbiage, etc.?” Not knowing anyone else’s computer software learning curves, my own favorites are:

1 - Interactive Report System Version 2 (my own creation)
2 - InspectVue
3 - 3D
4 - Report Host

Hello Everyone… I have been trying to decide on what software to use as well, and based on my comparisons, I like Inspect Express! I have been also looking at 3D and Homegauge. It looks like 3D is a close second, and Homegauge is Ok, but I think homegauge is very picture based, which is good, don’t get me wrong, however I also also don’t like the boxes to check off(Looks ok, satisfactory, servicable, Not bad etc). Let me know what you all are using and how you like it.



You can make HomeGauge reflect four or five different types of reporting the last time I looked. I use it and like very much, I like the people there (support), the software is easy to use once you get the feel of it.

Narrative reports are my flavor, they will also keep you out if court.

Your reports are kept uploaded for five years with their gold membership.

The reports are html, which I also like. There isn’t anything I can think of I don’t like.

Before you purchase any software, download the free trial version of Homegauge , and see if you like it.

With the gold package, the reports are uploaded and hosted so you don’t have to email them, even though you still can.

I tried every reporting software mentioned here (except Russel’s) and found this to be the best. I have been using it since July, and have had more compliments about the thoroughness of the report than I did in my previous 10 years combined. (eeek, what was I handing out;) ).

Just my $325 worth.

Homegauge is my second favorite.

InspectVue is my favorite, and, since it is out of California, you’ll find that the language and educational aspects are very similar to my own customized report. I wish I had found InspectVue in 2001 instead of 2002. I could have saved a lot of time creating my own reports by simply using theirs. And I did consider that at one time in 2003, but the $1,000 price tag scared me away since I had already invested so much time in my own report.

I just opened a letter from yesterday’s mail from some attorneys. Mail from attorneys always get my attention.

Seems like I might get involved in a lawsuit on the seller’s side. We did a pre-listing inspection over three years ago for the seller, who now is being sued for non-disclosure. I do know the seller provided my report to the buyer, but I don’t know if the buyer had a home inspection done on his own. Anyway, according to my seller’s/client’s attorney, everything the buyer is complaining about was addressed in my pre-listing report. I particularly enjoyed this part of the attorney’s letter, though: “In summary, I think you will agree that this is probably the most detailed home inspection report you have ever seen.” She (the attorney) goes on to say, “Your clients reviewed the document in its entirety and initialed all sections relative to the agreement.” That makes me think that the buyers didn’t get a home inspection but used my report instead. That also leads me to believe that the seller/seller’s Realtor made a copy of the report and had the buyers initial all the sections in the report, thereby indicating that they read/understood/etc. the report. Good going.

Here’s some more snippets:

“As you know, your client reviewed and signed a very detailed home inspection report which pointed out specifically that the report was prepared to document the general conditions of the residence at the time of inspection and note any major defects.”

“The report . . . discloses. . . that the roof appeared to be in the second half of its useful life, that the covering had deteriorated and that the shingles were curled, cracked, damaged or torn with missing granules and visible asphalt base. The report further indicated that leaks could develop at any time and recommended that the roof should be further evaluated by a qualified roofing contractor.”

I guess there’s a roofing complaint and no one called the roofing contractor.

I guess there’s a doors and windows complaint. Lots of doors and windows were difficult to open or close.
“The report also noted that the specialized services of a qualified civil engineer should be sought for further evaluation information with regard to settling damages at doors and windows.”

Apparent plumbing complaint: “Sections M & N . . . indicated that further evaluation by a qualified plumber should be sought to check the overflow drains which did not function properly in the bathroom and that there was physical damage and deterioration to the bathtub or shower enclosure which could allow moisture to penetrate between the bathtub or shower enclosure which could allow moisture to penetrate between teh bathtub/shower and into the walls, possibly causing moisture damage or other problems which are concealed and not visible. It was pointed out that ‘Definitive assessment might require destructive testing’ and that ‘concealed defects or damage and destructive testing is not within the scope of the home inspection.’ The report also identified large cracks in tiles, lots of cracked tiles or lots of loose tiles which could be signs of more serious structural moisture problems in the area and the report recommend further evaluation and repair or replacement of the damaged components and recommended consultation with a licensed plumber and/or a licensed structural engineer.”

Apparent zoning violations: “The report clearly states that items not within the scope of the inspection include compliance with any past or present codes or regulations of any type.”

Makes me feel absolutely giddy about my reports.

Note, though, that that was one of my earlier reports, from September 2002. If that attorney saw today’s Interactive Report System Version 2, she’d be absolutely blown away. Perhaps I’ll send her a copy.

Good call on sending her a copy.

Also, good work in writing the report with appropriate disclaimers. Sounds like a job very well done.

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Sounds like you covered everything properly. What are the buyers contesting, and is there a statute of limitations that plays in?

I don’t know what the buyers are contesting. I simply got a copy of my client’s (seller’s) attorney’s letter to the buyer’s attorney. We do have four-year direct liability with an additional 18 months of discovery liability here in California.

I also like the Inspection Report Creator from PHII. I decided to order it back in November and take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee after downloading the demo. Its a nice way to be able to try it out and see if you like it.