Inspectit Report Pro Software

Just curious if anyone is still using the old Inspectit Report Pro software - Texas version?

I am using it…just not the Texas version. Slowly moving to InspectorPro. Still some migrating and adjustments to make.

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Welcome to our forum, Steve!.. enjoy participating. :smile:

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Inspectit did a nasty thing. They stopped supporting the original software which required downloading a new allowance of 50 reports. Even though the software is fully paid for and owned by user. You can sort of do a clumsy work around using an old template, but you can’t autofill the new inspection data. And, worse, you can’t load disc on new computer. Thus is worthless. I’ve called them. They plead ignorance. I agree on that point! They could have made a software tweak that would allow the reports and reload. What they did was thoughtless or worse, maybe intentional to force purchase new software.