Inspector gets an online review that mentions "Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" book

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to Nick


Mr. Gromicko,

Here is a review from an inspection I did last Sunday. Look what they said about the book.

Great book!!!

Peter goes through areas of the house you would least think would have an issue. He will find something and does a great job at explaining! Best part is the book he gives at the end because if you’ve never owned a home It truly Is a bible to keep track of all equipment in the house.


beautiful !

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I will say that clients seem to appreciate them, especially the younger ones. I just have to remember to give them one, lol.
Here is a reviewer that mentioned it in a review for me as well…

“Looking into buying a home and had an inspection done. The man that came to do the inspection was great, friendly, and knew what he was talking about. Gave me great advice and a home owner’s guide book. I would definitely recommend this company and hope to use them again.”

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I’ve handed out several hundred over the past 2 years…clients and real estate agents absolutely love them.