Now you've had a home inspection book

Just received my commercial property inspection book, thanks Chloe and Nick!

Included was the new “Now you’ve had a home inspection book”, big improvement.

Much more professional in appearance, the old one looked…old.

Nice job!


We did consumer surveys of about a dozen different cover designs and this one won by a landslide. The book also has more full-color images:

And it won for good reason!
Like night and day in comparison.

The new cover looks great!

Interior is just as good.
I’m sure it took a heck of a lot of work by many InterNachi staffers to make this new version what it is and it shows.

The InterNachi staff/family/crew/army is just relentless at improving and I’m grateful and impressed.

I like it, but the rectangle for the business card decal was nice, miss that.


Stick two or three high quality business cards in the book.:wink:

Mike, the space for your card is now on the first page instead of the cover.

I saw it, I like it on the cover as its advertising, yes there are two cards that go inside as well. Not a huge item…

As do I.

The Florida version looks great too!

The new cover looks great. I still have about 30 of the old books, but I’ve been handing out the new ones…

Well, just cuz there isn’t a little box on the front doesn’t mean you can’t stick your card on it!:wink:

They’ve already had an inspection and have your contact info, so il like to put 3 or 4 in like a bookmark, so they can give them to friends or neighbors.

yep, I still do.

I get it, probaby that way in case folks don’t want to use a sticker as well.