Inspector Insurance - Is This Rate Reasonable

Hi all.
I am just getting my business started. I will be doing only existing residential home inspections with no additional services to start.
The best rate on insurance I have found so far is through Citadel and is approximately $1800 annually for $300k/$300k.

I know these rates may vary based on many things, but if anybody has any thoughts on whether this is reasonable please feel free to chime in.

Jason Warfle

Home Inspector Insurance | E&O Insurance - InterNACHI

I did go to this link through the Internachi website and the quote I received was several hundred more dollars per year. So, I am essentially trying to get some sort of baseline on this.


Jason Warfle

Appears to be competitive!

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Dumb question, but what is SEO? Thanks.

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Hope this helps.

Thank you for the information. Very helpful!

If I could get insurance for E7O and liability for that price in Canada I would have both. Lowest I could get was double that so to keep costs down I decided to self insure for liability and take coverage for E&O only.