Inspector job opening available.

We are hiring for brevard county Florida. If your a licensed inspector and have the desire to stay busy, please contact us for employment opportunities…

Four help wanted signs posted in Florida this week.

How about an unlicensed helper?:wink: Retirering this year.

Come on down and join the crowd :lol:

If you come to my area, you got a job.

Thanks guys, My wife wants to go down next winter for sure.

I have first dibs, sorry.
You have the job my friend. When can you start??

Yeah welcome to Hell on Earth. Summers in Florida attics are NO way to spend retirement.

Not even for you.:twisted:

10k+ Inspectors in FL, shouldn’t be too hard to find help. Maybe one of the low ballers can get a raise.

Thanks guys, I have no plans on moving to Florida in the summer, had enough of that working construction down there in 1970. Too hot for me.
Might want to call me a snow bird. :wink:

Marcel Move to to TN sit spell. Very little snow , short periods of extreme heat though .

I just want to escape Maine winters for 2-3 months Wayne.
Any place that don’t have snow and above freezing temps. :slight_smile:

I still haven’t retired officially from the ship yard yet. Working on taking care of my injury first.